Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Who is defending Saddam?

Sotaliraq site has published an interview carried out by Asharq Awsat newspaper with a Lebanese Lawyer called Bushra Al Khalil who volunteered to defend Saddam and his aides like Tariq Aziz and Taha Ramadhan. 

Sotaliraq also published two pictures for her!  One picture showed her with the playboy Uday Saddam the (son of his biological father).  This picture needs no explanation because it talks about itself as below!   

Another picture for the same lawyer who paused for the show with a turban wearing man dominating the scene behind here! 


She told AA newspaper that she is indebted by two gratitude for Saddam.  First because he rejected George Bush request to quit power and if he has done so he would has offered the Arab Nation on a golden plate to America.  The second thing is that Saddam launched out the first spark for the Iraqi resistance which until now defeated the American plan against the Arab Nation and the region especially against Syria and Iran!

She added that America tried to humiliate the free nations and steal their wealth and delete their culture!  She added that Saddam is now tried because he attacked Israel and threatened them and he is the most liberal person among us (she mean among them)!.   

There is one important thing that we STRONGLY agree with the above lawyer when she said that America is trying to strip off the freedom from the free nations!

WOW; what a beautiful say lady!  Yes indeed America thankfully stripped off that freedom!  But what type of freedom stripped off by America from free nation?

It is a special freedom with a special democracy for a special people in special bedrooms! It is the freedom and will of the blue bedrooms which is followed by lot off slips on which inscribed (In God we Trust)!  It is this freedom and this will that America (GWB) took off.  But for the Iraqis; they only become free after the 9 April 2003.    

Poor America not only did that but it sent some of the special free people to hell and deprived the others from their secretive freedom in these special bedrooms!
Alas no more slips with that special inscription on them!  America is the enemy of the freedom of the special people in the special bedrooms! 

All the problems come from America the policeman of the world!  It is just the bad luck of these free people. 
This policeman reminds us about some scenes shown by the Egyptian films when the police appear suddenly to the free people who indulge in their freedom.  Once the police break in, naked (VIP) men and women suddenly emerge from locked in rooms in all directions.  Some run to find their clothes, some try to cover themselves with anything available, yet others managed to escape away because they only partially naked, while the free women in beds trying to pull the cover on themselves shouting by God we sore we are innocent good and respectful people!   

It is the democracy and freedom against the policeman!  It is a big problem!    

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