Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

View about Indictment of Saddam

It is good to see the most criminal regime in the world against his people and the others in the dock. The crimes of Saddam are countless in time and space. What has been charged against him is a small piece from the tip of the iceberg.

The judge who charged Saddam and his thugs was good and brave but it would have been better if they put a more experienced judge with stronger style and sitting in a higher stage than the indicted. Saddam appeared more in control though shaky. The judge talked with a dry mouth and appeared like a student receiving lessons and advices from Saddam.
He could have been stronger and we think that they may have chosen an older and more experienced judge.

We need to see some more pictures with sound about the other 11 criminals.

Here is a picture

Another one

One for Saddam's lawyers from Jordan and hypocritical Arabs!

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