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There is an urgent news indicates that a terrorist group in Falluja area beheaded an American solider captured a while ago. He is from Lebanese origin and the group said it will put the video detail of his decapitation in their web site later. This news not yet verified and we will give details as soon as it comes.

Until 4 july 2004 this is still not confirmed and denied by the terrorist group!
The abducted beheaded American Marine is Wassef Ali Hassoun (Shia Muslim) who worked as a translator. The terrorist group which beheaded him called Ansar Al-Suna Army (The Army the protectors of the Suna) which got ties with Al Qaeda and Al Zarqawi group. It is led by Abdalla Al Hassan Mahmmoud mainly in the North but got fighters in the Sunni triangle in Falluja and Ramadi.

Watch the next victim!

The Money Sucking Vampires!

If any one think that Saddam's bribes have been ceased he is not right. It is certainly considerably decreased but there are many cheap hypocritical mercenaries still enjoying to lick the shoes of Saddam Hussein with their tongues. They don't need to go to his jail to do that when they can lick the shoes of his old wife Sajeda Telfah and his daughters plus the dormant relatives and agents in UAE, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and Europe. Sajeda and her daughters have stolen the money of Iraq and gone.

The mosquitoes which thrive only on the blood of the people suck their money and inject them with diseases like malaria and yellow fever. These mosquitoes live in the swamps. They know their media very well and once they feel the warmth of the victim they will not hesitate to suck its money and inject it with their poison.

There are many mosquitoes knew that Sajeda and Saddam's daughters got huge bank of money but they are just waiting for they legal way to suck it. When the opportunities come they latch as long as possible to suck as much as they can.
They got it now!

Now most of you got what we mean by this. The answer is clear; why too many hypocritical Arabs and non-Arabs including few Americans close their eyes on the crimes of Saddam and tried to defend him with blind eyes and cheap propaganda. The best examples are the Jordanian (most of them from Palestinian origins) lawyers are killing them selves to do propaganda statements about Saddam defence because the source of the money is there. Saddam's wife always considered to be the richest woman in the world. The Gold that Saddam collected from each house in 1980s gone to Sajeda and her daughters and most of the oil revenue for more than 20 years. His money is now under their control. We mean by his money is the money of the Iraqi people that he steal.

The other money suckers are the real propagandists; the media. There is no one may prove that Saddam bribes for the media like Al Jazeera have been ceased.

Well; lastly the lawyers who would like to go to Iraq for Saddam defence must take the best available life insurances in the world and/or may hire the strongest bodyguards to protect them from the victims of Saddam mass graves. These victims are not necessarily people with flush and bone but they may be Ghosts with strong arms and extra-physical abilities. These Ghosts usually comes at night from all the mass graves around Iraq searching for their killers and hitting and biting any one who tried to stop them or to protect him. They are the souls which scream loudly at night and day. If you visit Iraq you will hear them screaming and you will see them wondering aimlessly when every one else retired to his bed. They could be skeletons or mutilated bodies or partially amputated legs or arms. Let it be there for the hypocritical lawyers!

Oh; these lawyers should not forget to ask Sajeda and her daughters to pay the cost of the life insurances and bodyguards.

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