Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraqi Campaign Against Terrorists!

Different sources have mentioned that the Iraqi security forces successfully arrested Khather Al Dori who was one of the leading heads in the tyrant disposed regime.  The arrest came after gathering information about his movements including internet connections messages.  His existence was defined between Al Dor and Al Aouja.  Among the arrested was his son.  Al Dori,  indeed, is a zombi because he was announced dead and a death certificate issued for him after the fall of the regime!   
There are speculations that the arrest of the above criminal has lead to the discovery of at least three rockets which are believed to be prepared to or may carry out nuclear heads.  This speculation came due to the way these rockets were stored in a very secure reinforced concrete underground room with an exit leading to the main road.  The rockets are now under investigation.    
On the same time and in the same triangle fierce clashes has been reported between US and Iraq forces in one side and the insurgent forces in the other side in Ramadi.  While in Baghdad another blast has killed at least 5 and injured other Iraqi civilians. 
Arabyiah TV broadcasted new money seeking robbers called themselves the Black Flags threatened to kill their 6 captives (3 Indians, 2  Africans and 1 Egyptian) one every three days if the Kuwaiti company they work for not pulling outside Iraq.  They also demanded that India, Bulgaria, Japan and Kawuiat to pull their workers from Iraq.
The Iraqi security forces started a big campaign and raids against the suspected groups and their hiding places.  Large numbers of explosives and arms has been confiscated and many thugs arrested in different cities including Baghdad.  Some of the thugs are from the neighbourhood and Arab countries.  It has been found that some of the financially rich groups in the Arab countries are financing the terrorist's attacks.  Many of the attacks prepared to be taken off in the 17 July have been aborted and arrested.

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