Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Mr Aiyad Alawi & His Ministers

Quick actions needed

It is so obvious that you don't need to think twice to get rid of the filth of Al Jazeera Wahabi terrorists TV from the soil of Iraq.

The law which is implemented in Germany until now which considers any slogan for the Nazis as an offence punished by the law should be used in Iraq against any sloganism for Saddam. It is clear now that the Arab propagandists start to use all means to gather support for Saddam. This is very important point you should think about preventative measures right now.

You should put a law preventing any sloganism for the previous regime especially Saddam. You may have seen Al Jazeera reporter Atwar Bahjat (the woman with scarf) showing prepaid pro-Saddam people from Al- Adhamyiah shouting support for their master Saddam. This will go up as Atwar said she will do more in the coming time to her base in Qatar. She should be arrested immediate for investigation and given a warning if she do it again she will be held responsible.

You got the film so the IP should go and arrest those who did the slogans as a role for the future. You need a law, very strict law or you will sink by Al Jazeera and other hypocritical Arab like the Egyptian commentator who said Saddam is the Master of Iraq and he is the legal president. Then he added that his daughter should set out a government in exile as it is her own right.

Ban & deport Al Jazeera from our land

No to the hypocritical Arabs

New law is needed urgently to consider slogans for Saddam as an offence punished by the law

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