Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Cheer Less & Cry More!

20 July 2004

The Philippinos cheered the release of their captive but they soon will cry a lot!
The terrorists are now knew the weak and soft point where to bite them from!
Abo Siyaf will be able to do it.
On the other hand the international community will think many times before it may trust the Philippinos again in any similar work.

Well; one may argue that the Philippinos realised their size at last! They discovered that the Ants are unable to join the Elephants for a walk! On the same time they learn that the Bats are incapable to face the day light and the heavy weight may only be carried out by the Camels not the Rabbits!

The Wrong Equation!

The terrorists attacked again and they will not stop until we capture or kill them.   They know better than any one else that they can not win this war and their end is not so far.  They are part of a wrong equation!  There are to sides in that equation, the terrorists and the Iraqi state.  The terrorists are not alone but they are backed by regimes feel threatened by the presence of the US forces in a large scale in Iraq and by free and democratic Iraq.  Not only these countries but supported by many other organisations and groups especially the Wahabis in different part of the world.  There are logistic regional and international back up as well as media open support. 
On the other hand the state in Iraq is moving forward to build its own security and police forces which is started from scratch since the repressive security bodies crumpled after the fall of the tyrant regime.   The state of free Iraq is now with the anti-terrorists camp.  Therefore the confrontation is not between an interim government and terrorists like Zarqawi but it is between the free and civilised world including the Free Iraq and the savage barbaric thugs.   
We know that the terrorists will not be able to function without logistical and field cover in the ground from inside Iraq provided by very well established groups which have freedom of movements and underground spider network of connections and communications. 
The equation is not equal though!  The state and the other multinational forces helping it are much stronger and very well equipped.   They can use a highly sophisticated human and tech elements to penetrate the other side and then demolish its structure from inside.   We should not underestimate the harm that the terrorists may inflict on us on the same time. 
The time is running not in favour of the terrorists so they try to intensify their attacks.  They now can see from their windows, in Baghdad, Falluja, Diyala, Sammara, Tikrit, Ramadi, Mosel, Haweja, Balid, Al-Dor, Al-Qaim, Al-Kamaliyah, and other areas in the desert as well as in the cities, the increasing presence of the Iraqi Police.  However they can not see ghosts making their way towards them. 
The more the rob gets tight on their necks the more they kick and struggle before they fall.  The limit of their movements is getting more difficult and soon those who provide them with logistic cover and hide will vomit them as foreign bodies otherwise they may die with them together.  The terrorists may need more than alternative plan and logistic elements for their existence and with time they will slip into a mousetraps waiting for them.    
The equation is therefore between a snake tries to kill any one by its venom and eagles waiting not only in the sky but hover around the place to hunt the poisonous snake.  The farmers, who left the snake in their land before, soon will expose or kill it because they now feel that it is so dangerous if they leave it in their land!
The Iraqi Police is getting stronger and there are too many signs indicating that in the last few weeks.  The number needs to be increased so as to show itself every where and at any time.  The equipments are much better and the communication improved.  The IP members are gaining increasing cumulative experience on the ground which could provide not only skills and control but training and support for the new and old members.
Indeed every Iraqi should assist in putting an end to the terrorist attacks.  This is a national responsibility.  In the last few weeks the Iraqi security were successful to capture many Arabs, Iranians, Afghans, Turkish, and Iraqi suspects.  Some of them may have a big role in planning for the previous attacks.
Large number of explosives has been captured with some of these terrorists.  There are indications that the terrorist groups are working with the other criminals released from prison by Saddam, the Baathiss, Fadaiyi Saddam, bandits, thefts, and other criminals. 
Most important the Iraqi government should be vigilant to make sure that their forces are not penetrated.  This is what the terrorists are looking for now and in future.   
We can see the end of the terrorists as they may see it not too far.  It is a walking distance from us!  

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