Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Weak government against sons of bitches!

We may write anything about today's suicidal attack in Baqoba north east Baghdad in which at least 70 Iraqi volunteers to join the police force were killed and more injured.  We could say that the attackers are bastards, sons of bitches, dirty cockroaches, catamites, filthy, unclean, cowards, devils, barbaric alien killers, flesh eating zombies, blood sucking vampires and so!  
We may say all that but the most important thing and very obvious is the same attack under exactly similar circumstances happened at least twice before in Baghdad alone!  Therefore there is more than one weakness in the security system.  More than that there are obvious penetration in the systems of the Iraqi security and government!

It is not easy for the killers to commit the same attack exactly under same circumstances without being assisted by information from the people working in the security and police system.  They certainly got other under-covered agents working for them to collect information and intelligent data processing from 24 to zero time!

There is no excuse that this time the government should investigate fully the lack and redundancy in the security issue in that area in Baqoba.  Those who planned the gathering of the voluntaries and exposed them in a long queue in small area are responsible!  Those who guard the area and the road at that time are responsible!  Every one there should be investigated!

The interview or application for the new army or police forces can be arranged by many more safe ways.  Less numbers, in secure buildings, by different times and hundreds of ways other than just put them in the street and allow a fucking bastard son of a bitch to kill them with his dirty flesh and blood!

Do the Iraqi authorities learned the lesson or they are like the donkey of Saddam?  Are they going to do investigation this time with the people responsible for the security there?  Can we see on TV the agents among the officials who work for the sons of the bitches and bastards in return for money!

This government should differentiate between democracy and freedom for peaceful and civilized people and force for the outlawed, bastards, sons of bitches and pimps, dirty devils!

Two more victims decapitated

Two Pakistani captives have been killed by Zarqawi Wahabists thugs.  Our condolences are for their families and our hearts with them.   All nations should help Iraq to finish these thugs.

Saudi Wahabists arrested

The Iraqi Intelligent forces have arrested a Saudi called Al Ghamidi who is a leader for Al Qaida cell in Iraq.  He confessed about his involvement and also captured with him one Palestinian, one Syrian and 2 Iraqi Wahabists.  It happened after gun fire between the Iraqi forces and the thugs.

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