Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Dirty Game!

The bond between the mouth of terror (some Arabs media like Al Jazeera and Alarabyiah) and the masked terrorists became a dirty game.

It seems to be that these videos and the thugs doing may be just little groups armed to kidnap then seeks money. The demands stated with their videos probably just a cover to give themselves a legal reason as they understand it.

Al Jazeera showed two videos on Thursday. One for 2 Bulgarians and the other for a Philipino workers. The captured (two different groups) threatened to kill them with in 24 hours!

Too many of these bloody dirty things happened in the last few weeks resulted in decapitation of many innocent and yet we haven't seen any one of the thugs who committed their crime captured and their head decapitated.

If you do it once you will see how it will go down!

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