Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem


If there is one thing that Michael Moore's film the Fahrenheit was right about is the support that the USA politics provide for the ME dictators. One of them is the regime in Saudi Arabia and recently Libyan regime. Nowadays we see and read about the beheadings of many innocent people and we wonder about it. In fact the beheading is a regular ceremony in Saudi Arabia as well as flogging both in public.

It is the Wahabi doctrine which applies extremely strict punishments on individuals and other religious groups not similar to their own believe. One of these punishments is beheadings and flogging in public places.

The Wahabi doctrine in Saudi Arabia is not a cult but it is the way of life in schools, homes, streets, government offices, universities, hospitals, shops, security, army and anywhere. Where ever you go there is what is called Mutawa (religious police) whose main job is to observe adherence of the others to the rules of Wahabism.

Those who behead people in Iraq now are either Saudi insurgents or Wahabists from other countries like Syria and Jordan or Iraq or non-Arabs. The Iraqi Wahabists are new to the (job) and money may have been played part in their work with the terrorists.

The other retarded behaviour of the Wahabis is their hate to the historic places and so their destruction.

In that aspect of American support for the Middle East dictators Michael Moore was right. What we need to see an appropriate vision by looking in both eyes equally. If used well then you know who kills hundreds of innocent people in 11 Sep 2001 and which doctrine supported this and where it came from? Many other questions need to be looked and answered carefully or you just are waiting for another disaster to happen and more terrorist to be graduated!

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