Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Mr Alawi use your Emergency Law on Sammara Immediately

8 July 2004
There is no need to think twice and no worse than the thugs of Sammara. The EL starts here in Sammara. Curfew! Military roles! No walk from 6 PM to 6 AM! Any one violates the law expose himself to shooting on site! Just do it now today before tomorrow. Show the outlawed that the law have to be respected. Get it now! Sammara is now outlawed! Will you accept or use your power?! The thugs challenged the law. Let us see!

The Hero of the Arab Thugs!

The Iraqi government has announced the Emergency Law today. There is no doubt that this will enhance the security situation. On the same time there are enough points to make sure that the human rights remains intact.

The last few days witnessed a good advancement in the security situation and many terrorists' attacks have been foiled. Many suspected sites have been raided and arms confiscated. Several thugs have been arrested and their head nets penetrated. The rats soon will find themselves no where to had. They will be captured or killed.

It is also announced today that a group of Arab terrorists has been arrested trying to prepare for terrorist attacks against Iraqi civilians and buildings and or coalition forces. The first list of these thugs contains 29 Arab terrorists. They are 6 Saudis, 6 Jordanians, 4 Syrian, 2 Yemenis 1 Palestinian, 1 Lebanese, 1 Turkish, 1 Iranian and 1 Morocco with Israeli passport. The last was arrested with Mahmed Barzan Al Tikriti the son of the half brother of Saddam. Many other Arabs and Iranian have been captured preparing for attacks in different parts of Iraq. It has been noticed that the suicidal are now frustrated and in many instances killed or failed before achieving their targets.

Before that the Arab terrorists released a video to show how they prepare and execute their attacks. One of these attacks showed a suicidal thug saying goodbye to his family as he was preparing to go to meet the virgins who were desperately waiting for him!

The film: the top pictures showed Arab thugs carreid out terrorist attacks. The pictures below is for one sucidal thug smiling before his death to hell and then they lcoked him with chains in the detained car!

The problem with those Arab who support Saddam and his alike is their rusted anomalous and underdeveloped mentality. I wonder how one may support a mass murder and consider him as a hero since his childhood unless he or she mentally retarded.

One last thing to mention is a little story about Aoudi the expired son of the Arab hero; this man was a rapist. One day he asked his pimps to get him some nice, pretty and sexy Italian girls. The later did a good job and found a group of artists or dancers and brought their pictures to him. They send the invitation immediate with millions of dollars under the cover of art. The sexy Italian girls arrived in Baghdad and then invited to Aoudi special house. He asked them to perform an HIV test!
The Italian girls shrugged their shoulders; and asked why this idiot and fool man asked them to do so?! They refused and complained to their embassy and returned home immediately. It was probably sorted out by lot of money!
We mentioned this story as an example to show what kind of hero those Arab thugs is having!

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