Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

New explosion by suicidal attack in Baghdad today. Several causalities.

14 July 2004

Hostage Decapitated

One of the two Bulgarian hostages has been killed by the terrorist group which holds him for the last few days. They threatened to kill the second hostage within 24 hours. The news came by a video broadcasted by the mouthpiece of terror Al Jazeera which said that it apologize not putting the whole video because it contains intolerable scenes.

On the same time the same thugs threatened to kill another Egyptian hostage within 72 hours or the Saudi company for which he works pay them one million dollars or pull from Iraq! The company offered 25,000 dollars. The terrorists now studying the offer!
What a fucking dirty thugs unable to differentiate between their anuses and their mouths including the Saudis who pay them money yet they are the source of the terrorism!

The Philipino hostage situation is gloomy as the Philpino government bow and bends on and off. It is not known when and where they are going to bend fully and give up willingly!

By this time the Iraqi Police step up big operations to crack down crimes. The initial operations resulted in the arrest of hundreds of the criminal thugs but it is not known whether there are some terrorists among them or not.

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