Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Danger a Head!

The USA has moved 1.8 Tons of Depleted Uranium (DU) outside Iraq after the fall of the regime. The DU site which was closed by the UN inspectors and not been guarded during the war has been stolen by an unknown groups. No one knows exactly what has been moved from it and whether Uranium has been confiscated or not by the terrorist group like Al-Zarqawi.

Before that the Polish troops in Iraq had found weapons containing the lethal Saren gas.

The other resources and crude material to manufacture WMD have not been found in Iraq. There are some indications that it has been moved just prior to the war to a country or countries nearby Iraq. Countries near Iraq rejected such claim and of course they have to reject even if they got it because of the consequences of that action.

Whatever the situation is; there is more than one possibility that the WMD or its crude materials and resources may fall in the hands of the terrorists like Osama Bin Laden or Zarqawi or the others.

We believe that these people will not hesitate or think twice as soon as they can use these weapons. The possibility is there and the threat is there. Bin Laden threatened European countries and gave them 3 months respite.

Even if they have no WMD from the regime, they will certainly trying to get it and in our days every thing is possible as far as you have the money and the will.

If one thinks that the end of the cold war made the world more peaceful he is just fooling himself. The world now is more dangerous than before. During the cold war we can see what is in front of us, now we only see the world become small global village but we can't see the germs in our hands!

Where and when and how big is the next attack it seems to be a matter of time?!

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