Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The silence which precedes the storm! The Danger is coming!

On the 14 April 2004 Bin Laden threatened Europe to submit to his demand and separate itself from the policies of the US or face grave consequences!  He gave them a truce for 3 months (expired few days ago) which was unanimously rejected.   Recently with the respite given for that more threats announced from various group and different locations.  Some were under constant observation from in and outside and others are coming like surprise out of blue!

Recently in London the government arranged a virtual training about a biological or chemical attack on London.  On the same time few different locations have between identified as possible site for lunching variable attacks on either Heathrow or its departed/arrived plans!  The government advised its citizens to keep enough food supply and emergency medicine at home.

Other European government might have discussed the situation as a top agenda in their top secret meetings.   The US of course at low alert system at the moment but it may soon go to orange or even red for the public but sure for its agencies concerned it remained top agenda issue. 

The coming threat includes Iraq as it hosts the largest US/UK troops in the region at least. 

The question now is not whether the attack is going to happen or not but when and where and how?!
Last few days Poland, Italy, Japan, and of course US/UK have received threats to make them to pay the price.  However France, Netherlands, Spain, and other states are possible site.

The risk for an attack is imminent or immediate by conventional, biological or nuclear weapons. 
Worse than that is a missed nuclear material not only from Iraq but from other states in or around the region. An unnamed terrorist organisation may have the missed material, most likely Al Qaeda! 

There is a major movement for the US navy, the highest fleet surge to put in the sea since the WWII!  This unprecedented move cost the US millions of dollars a day!  This is expected to be for 3 or 4 months or even longer.  It is not a usual exercise but a masked one for a possible threat on the tables.  It goes with Al Qaeda threat against vital targets in or outside the US.  This is may be explained targets prevention or standby for intervention.

In Europe around the airports and major facilities there are tighter security measures since 14 July 2004. 
Al Qaeda cells and announcement went quite and calm for quite few weeks!  They may have been ready to attack.  The threat came from Bin Laden and the truce was 3 months, therefore, the attack weight may be heavy. 

The Iraqi authorities need to urgently take measures to reduce losses in life and keep the country intact against any major attack which may send the country in chaos and anarchy.  The aim may be to topple the government by inflicting extremely larger number of causalities that no one can stand.  This will send the whole country in great commotion which gives the terrorist an ability to control certain areas and to kill any one not standing with them or submit to their will.  The Iraqi authorities need with out delay and with help of the US to intensify the large campaign that they are lunching now.  They also need a strict law and punishment for the areas not respecting the law.  From these areas (we don't like to name it for special reasons) the terrorists may lunch their big attack followed by clusters and invasion.  The attack may be by WMD and the control will be from another areas.  The aim also to make the US forces in Iraq to go into confusion so as to trap them in protecting themselves from aftermath.  The terrorist will then threat to attack other areas by the same way if the troops came nearer to them in the newly controlled areas by them!

Lastly the Iraqi authorities now and immediate should put plans for evacuation and protection of civilians to reduce the number of causalities.  There should be no redundancy or delay about it!       

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