Keith's Idea

On the same time that the Arabs neighbours of Iraq requesting from the Iraqi victims of Saddam regime to bear & pay his debit after his departure, the Americans thinking of ideas of how to help the Iraqi children and schools. The Arabs pointed to above are Saudi Kingdom which either exporting Wahabists to kill the Iraqis or requesting money from Iraqis to pay for Saddam debit. The other state is Kuwait which is not very free from the terrorist Wahabis and some were involved in Qaeda organisation and attacks in Iraq. Other Arabs either sending terrorists like the Libyan who was captured in Najaf by the brave Iraqi Police today and he confessed that he work for the Qaeda, or, looking for the oil and we know those very well! Qatar is another Wahabist state which feed and supports Al Jazeera poisonous snake. Aiyad Alawi may now decide and put the dots on the letters about Qatar and Al Jazeera.
If Iraq going to be a free and democratic state then it is better for it to make a deal with the free and democratic states better than the dictators of the ME. No need to make large deals with poor reputation Arab companies.

It is clear now why the Arab governments and Arab nationalists plus the Wahabists and alike don't like Israel state! It is because that is the only state in their region which is democratic. They fear the democracy so they direct their hater towards something else. This is what happened in Iraq now. Our friends in America will soon ask the Saudis and Kuwaitis to drop the entire debit!

Any way here is Keith email :
I have an idea I would like to get going and would like anyone's help who is interested.

My idea is this- I would like to get the name and address of every
single new school in Iraq (and Afghanistan) and match them with one
school in America. It will be up to the school/school district/and
town in the American school to raise the necessary funds to buy the
Iraqi or Afghans school a computer and videoconferencing equipment.

The children can then get to know each other and get to know the
problems and challenges each one of faces on a day-to-day basis.

This project is way bigger than I can handle myself so we will need the
help of someone at the Department of Education. (Contacts anyone?)
Please help!



The Incomprehensive List

The Special Iraqi Justice Court has brought charges of war crimes and genocides against the following criminals and mass killers:

1. Saddam Hussein Al Tikriti
2. Abd Hummod Al Tikriti
3. Ali Hassan Majed Al Tikriti
4. Watban Ibrahem Hasan Al Tikriti
5. Barzan Ibrahem Hasan Al Tikriti
6. Taha Yassein Ramadhan
7. Saber Abdaziz Al Dori
8. Tariq Hana Aziz
9. Aziz Saleh Al Nooman
10. Mohammad Hamza Al Zobaidi
11. Kamal Mostafa Abdalla
12. Saltan Hashem Ahmed
13. Aizat Al Dori (in abstentia)

The trial should be televised and quick. The criminals should not be allowed to use or manipulate the trials for their own propaganda especially Saddam!

One of the issues by which Saddam and his thugs should be tried is their desert from the duty during the war.


The law which prevents the death penalty which was put in order by the CPA will be struck of most likely today!

Updated news

30 June 2004 19.30 GMT

1. 10 Hrs curfew announced in Najaf.
2. After a big explosion in Siemawah football stadium (150 miles south Baghdad) where no body hurt the people arrested the perpetrators who are Syrians and killed them! This is not confirmed yet though.
3. The files of Al Jazeera and Al-Arabiyah TVs and the countries supporting them including Qatar are on the desk of PM Iyad Alawi which will be dealt with soon. The outcome may include the supporting states because of its interference in the internal affairs and instigation for murders and terrorism. Al Jazeera may have been involved directly and next few days will show actions against media with black intentions with probable new regulations for that.
4. Confrontation between Saudi security and terrorists in Riyadh resulted in killing one of the big terrorists Abd Errshood and some of his colleagues managed to escape. Among those killed and injured expatriate workers.


My dear friends please let us concentrate on the main topics and let us ignore those who tried to create garbage by rolling a ball to achieve dirty tricks.

Personal details may severly harm some of us in a way or other so I am not allowing any of that to happen to me or my friends here. I will delete any comment of that kind and will ban those who do it immediate

Arab Media & the Handover

Most of the Arab media has been taken by surprise about the earlier announcement of the handover in Baghdad.

The follow up of the activities of Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabyiah, Abu Dhabi and some others indicates that they put and prepared huge Anti-Iraqi & Anti-American propaganda on the 30 June 2004. The earlier took over of power was a big blow indeed for such propaganda. Their papers dispersed all over by the new time

All the Arab media appaeared confused and in disarry while trying to set out propaganda in hurry. They tried their best to get some of the pro-Wahabi mullahs and Anti-American propagandists to full the gabs.

One of the Arabs commentators said the handover happened in the bedroom and not in the outside! He probably forgot that all their Presidents, Kings, and Sheikhs are dictators elected by 99.999% of their people & by the time these people do electo-sloganism for their super-leader these leaders handover something else in their blue bedrooms!
Other commentators said that the handover of power is incomplete!

On the top of the list is the mouthpiece of the terrorists Al Jazeera. It appeared confused and spitted all of its hater for Iraq and Iraqis. It showed the Iraqi scene after today as a chaos and invited pro-Wahabi Mullah from Haayat Olamma Musleemens from Iraq to mutilate any hope for new free Iraq. They also invited a propagandist from Cairo to talk about it saying that it is another American show. Al Jazeera added that the Americans feel unhappy about it and they say that it only indicates how failure is GWB policies were! They showed again the film of Alzarqawi in which he threatened to kill Ayad Alawi and other films which showed the terrorists attacking inside Iraqi streets! Al Jazeera showed its real ugly face today without any makeup at all. Below is a story published in Al Sharq Awasat about the direct involvement of Al Jazeera in the terrorist attacks in Iraq?

Al Jazeera TV & the Terrorists

Al Sharq Awsat newspaper (27/62004) has published the story of the Saudi Saaedan who was captured by the terrorists in Falluja.

In 31 May 2004 Mr Saaedan entered Iraq to deliver food supplies for the US army in Falluja after a contract with an American company. When his convoy reached Falluja a group of terrorists changed fire with the defending guards of the convoy and captured him. Saaedan told that among the terrorists were terrorist were Saudi, Syrians and Iraqis from Falluja.
He was interrogated for 3 days and accused that he works for the US army, a charge which resulted in the death penalty according to Fatwa by one of the terrorists Wahabi Mullah. He was left in a dark room in an abandoned place waiting for his death. He was given the choice to die by execution or to do a suicidal operation against the US and Iraqi forces and police. He refused the later, therefore, the Amer (head) of the group ordered to execute him.

Saaedan added that he heard one of the terrorist calling Al Jazeera TV reporter to come to record a video tape. He was then forced to sit in front of Al Jazeera reporter and camera and one of the terrorists read the statement. He was then moved into another place waiting for the execution on 4 June 2004.
On the early morning of the same day there were an exchange of fire between the terrorists and the US forces which helped Saaedan to escape with the help of one of them.

Mr Saaedan now taking legal action against Al Jazeera TV because they joined the terrorist in his death and have not informed the officials about what it has happened with him especially they know all about it including his place and the execution.
In actual fact Saaedan saw the tape broadcasted by Al Jazeera on 5 June 2004 after his escape as well as by the BBC.

Other Video by Al Jazeera
Just now it showed a video of killing an American solider was taken captive few months ago. The video showed him shot dead from the back while sitting by an edge of a dig in which he was then burred.

Saddam & other Killers

The handover of the above mass killers will happen in the next few days.
We need to see Saddam and Tali Chemical and their thugs in a TELEVISED trial direct on air. Our wounds will not hell without seeing Saddam and his thugs in that long awaited trial. Hurry it; let the souls of the victims of mass graves, Halabja and others rest in peace.


The Iraqi interim government has just sworn now while writing this! Good luck and cut the sources of the terrorists.

The good thing is Paul Bremer directed his letter of ending the occupation to the Head of the Justice in Iraq and not to the PM. The law is above every one!
Good luck to Paul Bremer in his next carrier. Stay our friend Paul.

Breaking News

The handover of power completed in an official ceremony in Baghdad two days before the expected date.

Paul Bremer handed the official papers to the new interim Iraqi PM including a letter from President George W Bush about resuming the dipolmatic relationship between the two countries. This indicates that the Iraqis are indeed ready to take over.

The handover is a surprise for the enemies of the free and democratic Iraq. The terrorist may have been planned a major attack on the 30 July 2004. The earlier handover may have been aborted such an action.

Good luck for Iraq and the civilized people the friends of Iraq.

God bless Iraq and America and their friends and allies.

More details later especially about what the Arab Media said?!


There are rumour news that the above mentioned may have been arrested earlier today in Hilla 80 miles South of Baghdad. This has been declared earlier by the coalition forces but latter denied as just an investigation about news of Zarqawi's arrest. More details still to come. The rats have no where to hide from now on and the hypocraticals like Arab media will find other anomalous thing to talk about but with limitation!

Quick Updates

Al-Zarqawi thugs threatened to decapitate three Turkish captives within 72 hours if the Turkish government not pulling its companies which work with the coalition forces in Iraq. Al-Jazeera again broadcasted their videos. Watch who are going to be the next victims of the beheading!

A big explosion in a main shopping area in the centre of Hila 80 miles south of Baghdad killed at least 40 Iraqi civilians! The bastards who are responsible are the same harmful insects as before.

The IP captured three insurgent while they tried to attack the police station in North of Baghdad. Two of them are (non-Iraqi) Arabs and one Kurdish. The two Arabs are most likely Syrians according to a source from IP.

The Saudi police combing a Al-Aqeq Quarter in the North of Riyadh from morning until late Yesterday. Helicopters and Special Forces used may be to search for what look like an important target.

Two Pakistani women have been killed in a residential compound in Riyadh by a Philipino man, may be after an attempt to rape them on Thursday!

Iyad Alawi party (Al-Wafiaq Al-Watani) HQ in Baqoba (120 miles Nr East Baghdad) has been destroyed by dynamite explosion. In the same area a centre for IRC HQ (Shia) attacked earlier!

A new official document dated in 1995 disclosed by the Iraqi Intelligence Services revealed a direct connection between Saddam regime and Bin Laden several times in 1990s. At the same time Zarqawi was in Baghdad with direct blessing of Saddam. Arab media and Egyptian commentator in Al-Arabyiah TV denied the document as an American trial to find an excuse for its war in Iraq!

The Main Iraqi Criminal Justice Court has issued a judicial order to arrest three Mullahs in Falluja for their instigation to kill six Iraqi Shia youth. They are:
1.Abdalla Al-Janabi,
2.Thafer Al-Dilami and
3.Omar Al-Hariri.

The Court has decided to take such action after full and detailed investigation which confirmed the involvement of the three mentioned above. What is called (Haiyat Olamaa Al Mouslmeen) or the Body of Muslims Clergy which is Sunni Pro-Wahabi group tried to bribe the relatives of the victims with at least one million Iraqi Dinars and to return their vehicles back if they keep silent, but they refused that and decided to take the matter legally. This is what the iraqi Law and Iraqis should do in their new civilized state!

The Wahabi terrorists (Zarqawi & his supporting thugs) killed Hussein Al-Harithi who is the representative of Ali Sistani in a district in Baghdad. Harithi used to run a charity organisation to help the poor and needy as well. His assassination came as part of the systemic and organised attacks against the Shia figures and institutes.

In a phone call with Al-Sharq Al-Awsat Al Jazeera TV denied any link with the terrorist in Iraq! (Eli Bihista Teli Yi Ma Mia) in English; the one who hide a small lamb under his clothes can not hide his voice!

A Bloody Day in Iraq

Today the 24th June 2004 was a bloody day in Iraq in which hundreds of innocent Iraqis have been killed and more were wounded in several parts of Iraq by the Fucking whore terrorist thugs. In Baqouba the terrorist controlled some IP stations and many Iraqi Police have been killed in fire exchange. Al-Jazeera TV showed pictures of masked animals with RPG7 in their hands waving while the bodies of the innocent people laying down in the street.

In Mosel hundreds of innocent people have been killed and their bodies ripped into pieces and the terrorist attacked many government building. Fighting still continued in many parts.

In Falluja an American Helicopter has been downed and other American convoy have been attacked. The thugs threatens to kill all the Iraqi officials and burn all the oil pipelines if Falluja attacked by the US forces!

It is the count down for their death as it is the count down for the Iraqis to butter their bread from the side they know it well! The days of the terrorist are counted and they know that very well. This is why they try to rock the boat for the last chance in the last minute. It is over for them and so soon their filthy bodies will be executed publicly.

Now Mr Iyad Alawi and his government need to take certain action as urgent as possible. First the capital punishment should not only be to the terrorist but to those who assists them by any way at all and sever punishment for those who keeps silent about their places or activities. The other thing is to execute them in public. Those who kill should face the same destiny by the same method. The other important thing is to impose a curfew on all areas where terrorist hide and attack. There are special areas like Falluja and Baquoba should have Military rulers and military curfew with strict sanctions and no reconstructions or ordinary services until they clear themselves from the sin of the terrorist. More strict action from the coalition needed now to isolate Falluja before the 30/6/2004. It needs complete blockade now and attacks for the terrorist sites. Zarqawi days counted and he know that soon

Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia will Revenge!

The Wahabi terrorists in the last few days killed many victims especially Paul Johnson, Kim Sun Il, and the Six Iraqi Shias who were killed in Falluja.

The last victim Kim Sun was killed by the Zarqawi sub-groups. His body was near Falluja.

The Saudi security killed the leader of Al-Qaeda Moqrin in Riyadh the Capital. Al-Qaeda confirmed this.

The recent unconfirmed news indicates that another more serious man appointed as the leader of Al-Qaeda in KSA.

He is Saleh Al-Offi (38 years). He was a member in the security forces of Saudi Arabia after graduating in a training course in that aspect in 1988. He then went to Afghanistan 1992 before returning back in 1995 to SA.
He is well trained in the security and military aspect more than his predecessor! He also spends more time in SA last few years.

There are voices start to call for considering the Wahabi movement as a terrorist group or ideology.

Al-Qaeda next step is to revenge for Moqrin and his aides deaths from the Saudi or foreign workers in the next weeks to come.

The question is all indications pointed out to one thing, which is the terrorist may get some sort of WMD to be directed to kill thousands of people in one go with long-lasting consequences. It now seems to be this is going to be only matter of time to happen!

Falluja update!

Western intelligences reported more than 300 Chechnya's Mujaheeden (Wahabi Terrorists) entered Falluja in the last few days. The news from there indicates that those who were killed recently (see names below) were buried very quickly and photographers prevented to film them so as to avoid exposing their nationalities. It has been noticed that many men with long beards and red head cover (Saudi style) attended the burial site and not allowed to film them. Also news from inside Falluja indicates that the site bombed was used by Zarqawi thugs and found in it many copies of recently printed Quran (recent print of Saudi Arabia)!!

Below is from the comment sent by (Jes)

The names of the (so called)"mujahdin" (i call them killers)Arab nationalities died in the last American attack on Fallujah on 19-06-2004

1.Muhamed bin Salem Al-asmari Saudi

2.Abdullah bin Baz Al-utaibi Saudi

3.Muhamed Al-zahrani Saudi

4.Sa'ad bin Khaled Al-shahri Saudi

5.Abu Muhamed Al-Kusaimi Saudi

6.Muftaah saed Abu-dajana Emirates

7.Sultaan Mutaseem Al-ashmuri Yemen

8.Zakaria Abu-alabaas Morroco

9.Saed Muhamed Abu-zaaker Algeria

10.Mahmud uthman Al-shaikh Syria

11.Abu-attah Lybia

12.Abu Abdullah Somalia

13.Kaari Handalh Somalia

14.Omaar Hamid Khlil Iraq (Kurdistan)

15.Saif Al-Turkstani China

16.Abu Al-waleed Mauritania

If you wish to comment about the decapitation of Kim Sun, Paul Johnson, and the Six Iraqi Shias by the Wahabist of Al-Qeada in KSA and Zarqawi Wahabi thugs in Falluja you may put it here (see the previous post below)

Update: The SK Victim Slaughtered!

The news from the mouth of horror (Al-Jazeera) indicates that the fucking whore, filthy, smelly, crickets,and cowards' rats decapitated Kim Sun 1!

These primitive insects should not be counted as humans but they should be isolated and killed. No more no less!

Again our condolences (me and my friends in this site) to the family, beloved ones and friends of Kim Sun 1. It is so painful!

Another Victim on the Way

Update 20/6/2004
Another dirty, smelly, ignorant, fucking whore thugs threatened in a video tape broadcasted by the mouth of the Horror; Al-Jazeera TV (Qatari TV) to decapitate a South Korean young man unless SK announce not to send troops to Iraq.

The man appeared very hysterical, shouting that he don't like to die.

A dirty cockroach with other two appeared then and announced their demands to slaughter the man in 3 days if their demands are not met.

I know you may laugh or even cry; but (The worst affliction is the funniest one which makes us to laugh or to cry!)

Urgent: see related below

Just news in; that the Wahabi terrorist in Saudi Arabia have killed the American (Paul Johnson) who was captured few days ago! It is not yet verified though! They call them selves Falluja Brigade! See also the last two posts below!

PS: The thugs cut Paul Johnson's head and showed it in a site in the internet! There are no words may describe these wild animals! Wahabism should be finished from the existance forever.

Our Sympathy and condolences

I and my friends in this site who contribute to the comment section and the site send our condolences and deep sympathy to the family of the victim Paul Johnson and condemn totally this devilish act of terrorism.


It is confirmed now that Abd-Alaziz Bin-Essa Bin-Hammad Al-Muqrin (33 years) the leader of the Qaeda in KSA and top two of his thugs (Faisal & Abdulaziz Al-Dakheel) have been send to HELL killed. He was most likely the one who appeared in the video of Falluja Brigade which threatned to kill PJ. The question is not how he was killed but why not have been captured before or killed? And is this means the Saudi securty have not done enough to crak down the terrorist? Now the Saudi securty received the orders to finish Muqrin only now to avoid the wrath of the civilized people! Why not before!? Why not before? A big question need not answers but millions of answers! Finish the Wahabism which is the doctrine and ideology feeds the terrorists! Hell is the place of Muqriin and soon for Zarqawi!

Related: Saudi (Royal) Family

Why Al-Saudi (Royal) Family used the Swords on their flags?!

Is it not the (Royal) Saudi family who decapitate some peoples in a special square in Riyadh each Friday after prayers?!

Is it not the Wahabist with the support of Al-Saud family who created all the terrorist organizations all over the world?!

The era of cold war and the need for Al-Saud/Wahabism alliance is gone and the choice is now between continue on that or change it to be compatible with the 21st Century!

The (Royal) family is frightened from democracy and with out democracy terrorism will continue.

Radical change is needed or we certainly will loss because ultimately the terrorist will get hold of a WMD and they will not hesitate one moment to use it at all!

So are we going to wait for that to happen or we may do little sacrifices and kick all that devilish rooted alliance for a big change with democracy in the Arabia that should get more appropriate name from adopting a family name into a more civilized state fit with the present time?!

A reader of this site (Emily) sent us an informative article from New York Post worth reading;
Click here

Falluja Update

There is news from Falluja talking about a special meeting recently took place in one area in the centre of Falluja in which the (Mujaheeden) has pledged allegiance to appoint Al-Zarqawi as the Ameer (Prince or Governor) of the City of Falluja! Zarqawi was in the meeting which was attended by top leader of Mujaheeden including Arabs from Jordan, Saudis, Syrian and Palestinians.

They divided the city into various areas and called it Emarat El-Falluja (Emirate) with Zarqawi as the Ameer (Prince). They appointed a leader for each one of these areas among the Mujaheeden with one group under his leadership. They gave Zarqawi an Oath to set out the Islamic state of Caliphate in Falluja and from there they will spread it into the rest of Iraq and the region. They now try desperately to gather lot of youths and young people enthusiastic for that to join them. They also tried to get themselves extended well beyond that area to Baghdad and other regions.
Among them are many Saudi Wahabis and Syrian with other Arabs. Recently a body of a Palestinian has been left unburied after killed in Najaf city after the fighting finished!

A quick action needs to be taken to weaken the basis of the devils and then with the strike of the Newly Born Iraqi Special Death Squads and commandos the thugs will be destroyed completely. Just a warning need to be taken very seriously!
Please see also the previous post (related)

Coalition between Saddam's General, IP & Falluja Terrorists

In a news report distributed by Iraqi demonstrators in Baghdad, the IP in Falluja with the Wahabi terrorists captured and killed 6 Shia Iraqi youths. The demostrators seen in the above picture was during the funeral of the 6 men in Baghdad Today.

The incident happened on 5th June 2004 when these men hired by a person from Falluja to transport goods there. Once they transported the goods they have been captured by the Group called Mujaheeden (Wahabist) with the help of the local IP in Falluja!

During their return to Baghdad the 6 Shia men have been stopped by gun men terrorists who introduced themselves as the Mujaheeden who fought against the US Marine in April 2003! The 6 men managed to escape and seek refuge with the IP station in the city. The IP then handed them to one of the Wahabi extremist Mullah who handed them to the thugs. The thugs (some Arabs terrorists among them) asked for a ransom of 3000 US Dollar for each one alive! Among the captured was Mohammad Khodier a 12 years old boy who was released later. He told that the Mullah handed them to the terrorists who speak with non-Iraqi different Arab axons. They then decapitated and mutilated them and among them were his older brother and his uncle! Another man called Alaa Marai said that he went to negotiate with the terrorist to give them alive and most of them were Syrian who refused unless the money paid!
Shamran Mohammad Dawood one of the relative who went to negotiate their release told France Press that Mullah Al-Janabi (Wahabi) told him to come back after 2 days to get them! When they returned back the terrorist told them to go to Al Ramadi hospital Mortuary. There the thugs asked the relative to pay 700 US Dollars for each body to be given! The relatives then have to give the money to Al-Janabi (Wahabi Mullah) to receive the mutilated bodies of their beloved ones!
Janabi with an interview with the Fucking Al-Arabyiah TV said he have nothing to do with their blood and he denied his involvement.

After tortured and abused; two Mullahs from the Wahabi sects called Abdullah Aljanabi and Thafer Al-Dilaimi ordered their execution and mutilation of their bodies and confiscating their belongings including their clothes!

Just to remind that the Saudi thugs who killed the American engineer in Riyadh in the most barbaric way and filmed it and those kidnapped another one called themselves the Falluja Brigade! I feel sorry for the wife, the son, the daughter and family of the engineer when they saw him kicked and shout down in that film as I feel sorry for the Iraqi Shia youth's families whose bodies mutilated then given back to their beloved ones.

The well known fucking Arab media which works as a mouthpiece for the terrorists propaganda with the hypocritical Red Cross concentrated and sympathised with the mass killer Saddam yet haven't mentioned any sympathy with victims of the above mentioned attacks. The only thing they showed is the film of the killing of the engineer in Riyadh which I am sure is very agonizing for his family to watch!

The Mousetraps!

The expected surge up of the terrorist attacks happened and may increase even more. The increase is not only in Iraq but also in other places like Saudi Arabia which is the incubator of the ideology provided motherhood for the hate, racism and barbarism.

The Protection and support that the terrorists enjoyed from the motherhood various sectors including people of the same ideology in the high positions allowed them to hide and changed their tactics. The recent mixture of bombs and assassinations is an example. To assassinate a person is not a simple game but rather a complicated issue required not only the executors but many logistic people in and outside the scene of their crime.

In SA the targets are Western and American working in various sectors. They are targeted because of their origin and none else. It is wrong assumption to say that Saudia Arabia is important for the world in her oil because without the highly skilled foreign workers in that country the life there will go into a standstill! There fore the West is more important for the Saudia Arabia than its importance to the world. The West can manage to depend on different resources of oil but SA can not live without the foreign workers on its soil. The problem of the Saudis is not with the rest of the world but with their system as a whole. It is part of the Arab system based on dictatorship, corruption, and downgrading of large sectors of their people. Their problem is with the poisonous ideology of the hate to every non-wahabism.

In Iraq the terrorists now used the same tactic of assassination especially against the Shia members of the Interim Government. The terrorists who killed and/or kidnapped the American engineer working in Riyadh called themselves the Falluja Brigade! No wonder that Falluja now become a small Talaban state inside Iraq! Thousands of Saudis are there and many have been killed. When their families told about their death they celebrate and distribute sweets and congratulate each other! It is better next time to see whether those who are killed get erections before their death or not! They may well do so because of the 77 most beautiful virgins waiting for them at the doors of Paradise once they die!

The recent decapitation of 2 Iraqis and a Lebanese young man plus the assassination of many Iraqis is another warning sign to those responsible for Iraqi security to use a strict tactics of mousetraps for those thugs where ever they go. The bomb which killed 12 Iraqis and injured more today and the other one which killed 4 IP and injured more is another factor which should make no mercy toward the terrorist and their ideology of hate.

In a different incidence two Iraqi Police cars tried to stop a speedy car from entering a military Academy where large number of the American soldiers was inside leading to explosion of the detained car. Two IP killed and the two IP cars destroyed when the speed cars blocked by the IP cars and exploded. Many other civilians were killed and injured as well as cars.

European Parliament Election

Though not as important as the local national elections in each but Today's vote for the EP was a test for a lot of European governments especially for some of them their national election getting closer.

Most of the media at this stage divide the parties on the basis of their support or reject of the war by which Saddam regime has been toppled (the Iraq war).
For example the USA Today said that the Dutch opposition parties critical of the Iraq war scored significant gains. On the other hand Tony Blair party in the UK suffered a backlash to the third place. Labour party was done 215 council while the conservative the major opposition party gained 108 and Liberal-democrats the main opposition to Iraq war gained 61!

If the predictions of the media of conservative at 38-40%, LD of 30% and Labour only 26% are correct it will be a very big disappointment for Tony Blair and his party! This may even be worse during the next national election in the UK.
The voters for the competitive parties most of them are the tax payer people. Certainly the Iraq issue played a major factor in the election in Spain to bring the socialists back to power and to put away one of the major allies and supporter of Iraq war. Not to forget the role of the terrorist attack just prior to the election! In the UK many will vote in response to the Iraqi issue during the next election as some have been done today!

Though Iraq factor is important in the election in the UK but the tax-payer voters in that country were not happy about the domestic policies of the Labour party. These voters are also looking for the UK national health system, education, taxes, living standards, inflation, unemployment, and external issues including Europe and Iraq.
It is wrong assumption to say that the voters in the UK have and going to vote just for the Iraqi factor. The UK citizens seem to be disappointed with the present government for many cumulative factors and not only one issue. Definitely Iraqi factor is very important and even major in the next election.

The advise for Tony Blair is to show the voters that what he have done in the war was for a very good reason not just for the WMD issue that the voters lost faith in.
From now until the next election surely if Iraq becomes stable and the rebuilding of its structures with democracy and security established; the window for those who oppose the war during the election will get narrower. This is why those who oppose the war like to open this window and convert it into a door by which they can enter the government offices (number 10 Downing Street in the UK) and push the present government away from the main door!
Lastly the UK government should be very careful and learn from the terrorist attack happened in Spain just prior to the election!

We are sure that the USA watching to make sure that her friends will win and to learn from their mistakes or gains!

State of Law & Institutes

Irrespective of who is Aiyad Alawi and Ghazi Al-Yawar they will face a hard job in the immediate future. They are in a temporary position any way for less than a year followed by a general election. We wish them to succeed in their work to establish security and to turn the wheel of the reconstruction forward into an accelerated speed. On the top of the list is to put the basis for civil institutes and law for freedom and democracy. Only by this we will prevent the mentally retarded thugs from controlling power by using the most barbaric, lingering and uncivilized ways.

The formation of the transitional interim government came smoother than expected and at a time which disappointed the terrorists and the countries supporting them. The process of dissolving the IGC was again another civilized and smooth step. Some of the IGC member immediately left the country back to where they lived for longer time! It is good to know who among the GC members and ministers return to Iraq for positions and power and who came to serve the country! There is no excuse to say they left due to poor security. At least one of the previous IGC declared from outside Iraq that he will run into the next general election! He also criticized his colleagues of being a hurdle preventing him to become the Interim president!
Al-Yawar on the other hand said that the Iraqis have chosen him! Bullshit to both of them because the Iraqis have not chosen any one. If they like to be similar to the Arab dictators who achieve 99.999999999999999% results in election let them go to the garbage.
By the way Saddam achieved 100% in the last ELECTION! If he had stayed another 7 BLACK years he will make it 402%! The 100% of the Iraqi people plus another 100% of the Iraqi animals added to that 100% of the Angles in the sky of Iraq and similar from Jins (the Ghosts of Iraq) with the vote of Satan and the vote of GOD!

Well the animals also exposed into tortures and imprisonment plus expulsion by Saddam regime. In one of the stories of torture; one day during the Arab summit meeting in Baghdad each one of them have different kind of food for his main meals. The previous king of Jordan (Hussein) asked for fresh wild desert deer meat for his dinner. The meeting was for 3 days. Saddam asked the three major security forces to be responsible for hunting a deer each day. First day was the day of Mukhabarat and the deer meat was ready in time! The second day the deer meat was a little bit late by the Military intelligent forces. In the third day the King was waiting for long time for the fresh wild desert deer meat and get so frustrated and hungry so contacted the president. Saddam contacted the security forces because it is their turn to hunt for the poor deer. The head of the security (usually Tikriti) told him that they were unable to get a deer but instead they captured a goat and they are interrogating and submitting it into very hard tortures to force it to confess that it is a wild desert deer! Not to worry Sir we are nearly there if it not confesses we will slaughter it!

Regarding the Arab countries and Iran the formation of the interim government before 30 June 2004 was unexpected for them. They liked to see a deteriorating security so as GWB will loss the lection for John Kerry. They then think JK will change his policies about democratic ME and pull his troops but they have been disappointed when JK declared that he will follow even harder role about the well known states which support the ideology of terrorists. These leaders have nothing to do for their people and based their policies on wrong assumptions. The world have changed and moved long distance forward but the Arab leaders remained the same. Saddam is one man who destroyed one of the richest countries and turns it into poverty and occupation. The other Arab leaders are just another Saddam with variable degrees. They have to leave before it is too long for them and their peoples to do so.

We wish the new interim government of Iraq a good luck and to lead during this time to pave the road for full election, complete Iraq independence, establish a respectful relationship with the coalition countries which liberated Iraq from Saddam regime, and set out the way for free, democratic and prosperous Iraq.

Terrors against Iraqi Intellectuals

Saddam's major fear was from any one who challenges his position irrespective who he is. It could be a dog or a camel or an ox or even a cow. Saddam will cut him into pieces and throw his remains to the wild dogs. This is only because Saddam is coward and weak. One of the most wanted opponents by Saddam were the intellectuals like doctors, writers, lawyers, professors, and any well educated man or woman. He killed some, imprisoned others and forced or expelled the rest outside Iraq. Those remained in Iraq were forced to submit their will either in silence or in artificial support for his regime to keep themselves and their families safe.

Now the situation for the scientists and intellectuals especially doctors and university professors are worse than the time of Saddam. One has to admit that their freedom is not impended as before but they are more in danger because of the organised terrorist attacks against them. Over the last few months these attacks increased. Hundreds of the intellectuals have been kidnapped, tortured, assassinated, disappeared or given an ultimatum to leave the country! It is another booby-traps terrorist act aiming to create weak Iraq. Who will benefit from this? A clear question may need more than one answer!

This is one of the important issues need to be taken on the highest level of consideration by the new government as part of the security situation. Worsening of the security situation is a very clear sign of the failure of those who are responsible for it. It is certainly a failure of the Iraqi Police to tackle such issue. A complete and urgent review of the security situation by the Iraqis and the coalition forces is needed. The punishment of the perpetrators should be the heaviest possible during this time and should be quick and in public and media.

The good news is the IP have succeeded to capture one of the closest thugs to (Zarbawi) called Omar Bazyani and they now in control of Najaf city. Bazyani is a big terrorist who was involved in many attacks resulted in hundreds of Iraqi life and he may be one of the closest dirt to Zarbawi.

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