Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

A Bloody Day in Iraq

Today the 24th June 2004 was a bloody day in Iraq in which hundreds of innocent Iraqis have been killed and more were wounded in several parts of Iraq by the Fucking whore terrorist thugs. In Baqouba the terrorist controlled some IP stations and many Iraqi Police have been killed in fire exchange. Al-Jazeera TV showed pictures of masked animals with RPG7 in their hands waving while the bodies of the innocent people laying down in the street.

In Mosel hundreds of innocent people have been killed and their bodies ripped into pieces and the terrorist attacked many government building. Fighting still continued in many parts.

In Falluja an American Helicopter has been downed and other American convoy have been attacked. The thugs threatens to kill all the Iraqi officials and burn all the oil pipelines if Falluja attacked by the US forces!

It is the count down for their death as it is the count down for the Iraqis to butter their bread from the side they know it well! The days of the terrorist are counted and they know that very well. This is why they try to rock the boat for the last chance in the last minute. It is over for them and so soon their filthy bodies will be executed publicly.

Now Mr Iyad Alawi and his government need to take certain action as urgent as possible. First the capital punishment should not only be to the terrorist but to those who assists them by any way at all and sever punishment for those who keeps silent about their places or activities. The other thing is to execute them in public. Those who kill should face the same destiny by the same method. The other important thing is to impose a curfew on all areas where terrorist hide and attack. There are special areas like Falluja and Baquoba should have Military rulers and military curfew with strict sanctions and no reconstructions or ordinary services until they clear themselves from the sin of the terrorist. More strict action from the coalition needed now to isolate Falluja before the 30/6/2004. It needs complete blockade now and attacks for the terrorist sites. Zarqawi days counted and he know that soon

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