Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Terrors against Iraqi Intellectuals

Saddam's major fear was from any one who challenges his position irrespective who he is. It could be a dog or a camel or an ox or even a cow. Saddam will cut him into pieces and throw his remains to the wild dogs. This is only because Saddam is coward and weak. One of the most wanted opponents by Saddam were the intellectuals like doctors, writers, lawyers, professors, and any well educated man or woman. He killed some, imprisoned others and forced or expelled the rest outside Iraq. Those remained in Iraq were forced to submit their will either in silence or in artificial support for his regime to keep themselves and their families safe.

Now the situation for the scientists and intellectuals especially doctors and university professors are worse than the time of Saddam. One has to admit that their freedom is not impended as before but they are more in danger because of the organised terrorist attacks against them. Over the last few months these attacks increased. Hundreds of the intellectuals have been kidnapped, tortured, assassinated, disappeared or given an ultimatum to leave the country! It is another booby-traps terrorist act aiming to create weak Iraq. Who will benefit from this? A clear question may need more than one answer!

This is one of the important issues need to be taken on the highest level of consideration by the new government as part of the security situation. Worsening of the security situation is a very clear sign of the failure of those who are responsible for it. It is certainly a failure of the Iraqi Police to tackle such issue. A complete and urgent review of the security situation by the Iraqis and the coalition forces is needed. The punishment of the perpetrators should be the heaviest possible during this time and should be quick and in public and media.

The good news is the IP have succeeded to capture one of the closest thugs to (Zarbawi) called Omar Bazyani and they now in control of Najaf city. Bazyani is a big terrorist who was involved in many attacks resulted in hundreds of Iraqi life and he may be one of the closest dirt to Zarbawi.

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