Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia will Revenge!

The Wahabi terrorists in the last few days killed many victims especially Paul Johnson, Kim Sun Il, and the Six Iraqi Shias who were killed in Falluja.

The last victim Kim Sun was killed by the Zarqawi sub-groups. His body was near Falluja.

The Saudi security killed the leader of Al-Qaeda Moqrin in Riyadh the Capital. Al-Qaeda confirmed this.

The recent unconfirmed news indicates that another more serious man appointed as the leader of Al-Qaeda in KSA.

He is Saleh Al-Offi (38 years). He was a member in the security forces of Saudi Arabia after graduating in a training course in that aspect in 1988. He then went to Afghanistan 1992 before returning back in 1995 to SA.
He is well trained in the security and military aspect more than his predecessor! He also spends more time in SA last few years.

There are voices start to call for considering the Wahabi movement as a terrorist group or ideology.

Al-Qaeda next step is to revenge for Moqrin and his aides deaths from the Saudi or foreign workers in the next weeks to come.

The question is all indications pointed out to one thing, which is the terrorist may get some sort of WMD to be directed to kill thousands of people in one go with long-lasting consequences. It now seems to be this is going to be only matter of time to happen!

Falluja update!

Western intelligences reported more than 300 Chechnya's Mujaheeden (Wahabi Terrorists) entered Falluja in the last few days. The news from there indicates that those who were killed recently (see names below) were buried very quickly and photographers prevented to film them so as to avoid exposing their nationalities. It has been noticed that many men with long beards and red head cover (Saudi style) attended the burial site and not allowed to film them. Also news from inside Falluja indicates that the site bombed was used by Zarqawi thugs and found in it many copies of recently printed Quran (recent print of Saudi Arabia)!!

Below is from the comment sent by (Jes)

The names of the (so called)"mujahdin" (i call them killers)Arab nationalities died in the last American attack on Fallujah on 19-06-2004

1.Muhamed bin Salem Al-asmari Saudi

2.Abdullah bin Baz Al-utaibi Saudi

3.Muhamed Al-zahrani Saudi

4.Sa'ad bin Khaled Al-shahri Saudi

5.Abu Muhamed Al-Kusaimi Saudi

6.Muftaah saed Abu-dajana Emirates

7.Sultaan Mutaseem Al-ashmuri Yemen

8.Zakaria Abu-alabaas Morroco

9.Saed Muhamed Abu-zaaker Algeria

10.Mahmud uthman Al-shaikh Syria

11.Abu-attah Lybia

12.Abu Abdullah Somalia

13.Kaari Handalh Somalia

14.Omaar Hamid Khlil Iraq (Kurdistan)

15.Saif Al-Turkstani China

16.Abu Al-waleed Mauritania

If you wish to comment about the decapitation of Kim Sun, Paul Johnson, and the Six Iraqi Shias by the Wahabist of Al-Qeada in KSA and Zarqawi Wahabi thugs in Falluja you may put it here (see the previous post below)

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