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My dear friends please let us concentrate on the main topics and let us ignore those who tried to create garbage by rolling a ball to achieve dirty tricks.

Personal details may severly harm some of us in a way or other so I am not allowing any of that to happen to me or my friends here. I will delete any comment of that kind and will ban those who do it immediate

Arab Media & the Handover

Most of the Arab media has been taken by surprise about the earlier announcement of the handover in Baghdad.

The follow up of the activities of Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabyiah, Abu Dhabi and some others indicates that they put and prepared huge Anti-Iraqi & Anti-American propaganda on the 30 June 2004. The earlier took over of power was a big blow indeed for such propaganda. Their papers dispersed all over by the new time

All the Arab media appaeared confused and in disarry while trying to set out propaganda in hurry. They tried their best to get some of the pro-Wahabi mullahs and Anti-American propagandists to full the gabs.

One of the Arabs commentators said the handover happened in the bedroom and not in the outside! He probably forgot that all their Presidents, Kings, and Sheikhs are dictators elected by 99.999% of their people & by the time these people do electo-sloganism for their super-leader these leaders handover something else in their blue bedrooms!
Other commentators said that the handover of power is incomplete!

On the top of the list is the mouthpiece of the terrorists Al Jazeera. It appeared confused and spitted all of its hater for Iraq and Iraqis. It showed the Iraqi scene after today as a chaos and invited pro-Wahabi Mullah from Haayat Olamma Musleemens from Iraq to mutilate any hope for new free Iraq. They also invited a propagandist from Cairo to talk about it saying that it is another American show. Al Jazeera added that the Americans feel unhappy about it and they say that it only indicates how failure is GWB policies were! They showed again the film of Alzarqawi in which he threatened to kill Ayad Alawi and other films which showed the terrorists attacking inside Iraqi streets! Al Jazeera showed its real ugly face today without any makeup at all. Below is a story published in Al Sharq Awasat about the direct involvement of Al Jazeera in the terrorist attacks in Iraq?

Al Jazeera TV & the Terrorists

Al Sharq Awsat newspaper (27/62004) has published the story of the Saudi Saaedan who was captured by the terrorists in Falluja.

In 31 May 2004 Mr Saaedan entered Iraq to deliver food supplies for the US army in Falluja after a contract with an American company. When his convoy reached Falluja a group of terrorists changed fire with the defending guards of the convoy and captured him. Saaedan told that among the terrorists were terrorist were Saudi, Syrians and Iraqis from Falluja.
He was interrogated for 3 days and accused that he works for the US army, a charge which resulted in the death penalty according to Fatwa by one of the terrorists Wahabi Mullah. He was left in a dark room in an abandoned place waiting for his death. He was given the choice to die by execution or to do a suicidal operation against the US and Iraqi forces and police. He refused the later, therefore, the Amer (head) of the group ordered to execute him.

Saaedan added that he heard one of the terrorist calling Al Jazeera TV reporter to come to record a video tape. He was then forced to sit in front of Al Jazeera reporter and camera and one of the terrorists read the statement. He was then moved into another place waiting for the execution on 4 June 2004.
On the early morning of the same day there were an exchange of fire between the terrorists and the US forces which helped Saaedan to escape with the help of one of them.

Mr Saaedan now taking legal action against Al Jazeera TV because they joined the terrorist in his death and have not informed the officials about what it has happened with him especially they know all about it including his place and the execution.
In actual fact Saaedan saw the tape broadcasted by Al Jazeera on 5 June 2004 after his escape as well as by the BBC.

Other Video by Al Jazeera
Just now it showed a video of killing an American solider was taken captive few months ago. The video showed him shot dead from the back while sitting by an edge of a dig in which he was then burred.

Saddam & other Killers

The handover of the above mass killers will happen in the next few days.
We need to see Saddam and Tali Chemical and their thugs in a TELEVISED trial direct on air. Our wounds will not hell without seeing Saddam and his thugs in that long awaited trial. Hurry it; let the souls of the victims of mass graves, Halabja and others rest in peace.


The Iraqi interim government has just sworn now while writing this! Good luck and cut the sources of the terrorists.

The good thing is Paul Bremer directed his letter of ending the occupation to the Head of the Justice in Iraq and not to the PM. The law is above every one!
Good luck to Paul Bremer in his next carrier. Stay our friend Paul.

Breaking News

The handover of power completed in an official ceremony in Baghdad two days before the expected date.

Paul Bremer handed the official papers to the new interim Iraqi PM including a letter from President George W Bush about resuming the dipolmatic relationship between the two countries. This indicates that the Iraqis are indeed ready to take over.

The handover is a surprise for the enemies of the free and democratic Iraq. The terrorist may have been planned a major attack on the 30 July 2004. The earlier handover may have been aborted such an action.

Good luck for Iraq and the civilized people the friends of Iraq.

God bless Iraq and America and their friends and allies.

More details later especially about what the Arab Media said?!


There are rumour news that the above mentioned may have been arrested earlier today in Hilla 80 miles South of Baghdad. This has been declared earlier by the coalition forces but latter denied as just an investigation about news of Zarqawi's arrest. More details still to come. The rats have no where to hide from now on and the hypocraticals like Arab media will find other anomalous thing to talk about but with limitation!

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