Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Update: The SK Victim Slaughtered!

The news from the mouth of horror (Al-Jazeera) indicates that the fucking whore, filthy, smelly, crickets,and cowards' rats decapitated Kim Sun 1!

These primitive insects should not be counted as humans but they should be isolated and killed. No more no less!

Again our condolences (me and my friends in this site) to the family, beloved ones and friends of Kim Sun 1. It is so painful!

Another Victim on the Way

Update 20/6/2004
Another dirty, smelly, ignorant, fucking whore thugs threatened in a video tape broadcasted by the mouth of the Horror; Al-Jazeera TV (Qatari TV) to decapitate a South Korean young man unless SK announce not to send troops to Iraq.

The man appeared very hysterical, shouting that he don't like to die.

A dirty cockroach with other two appeared then and announced their demands to slaughter the man in 3 days if their demands are not met.

I know you may laugh or even cry; but (The worst affliction is the funniest one which makes us to laugh or to cry!)

Urgent: see related below

Just news in; that the Wahabi terrorist in Saudi Arabia have killed the American (Paul Johnson) who was captured few days ago! It is not yet verified though! They call them selves Falluja Brigade! See also the last two posts below!

PS: The thugs cut Paul Johnson's head and showed it in a site in the internet! There are no words may describe these wild animals! Wahabism should be finished from the existance forever.

Our Sympathy and condolences

I and my friends in this site who contribute to the comment section and the site send our condolences and deep sympathy to the family of the victim Paul Johnson and condemn totally this devilish act of terrorism.


It is confirmed now that Abd-Alaziz Bin-Essa Bin-Hammad Al-Muqrin (33 years) the leader of the Qaeda in KSA and top two of his thugs (Faisal & Abdulaziz Al-Dakheel) have been send to HELL killed. He was most likely the one who appeared in the video of Falluja Brigade which threatned to kill PJ. The question is not how he was killed but why not have been captured before or killed? And is this means the Saudi securty have not done enough to crak down the terrorist? Now the Saudi securty received the orders to finish Muqrin only now to avoid the wrath of the civilized people! Why not before!? Why not before? A big question need not answers but millions of answers! Finish the Wahabism which is the doctrine and ideology feeds the terrorists! Hell is the place of Muqriin and soon for Zarqawi!

Related: Saudi (Royal) Family

Why Al-Saudi (Royal) Family used the Swords on their flags?!

Is it not the (Royal) Saudi family who decapitate some peoples in a special square in Riyadh each Friday after prayers?!

Is it not the Wahabist with the support of Al-Saud family who created all the terrorist organizations all over the world?!

The era of cold war and the need for Al-Saud/Wahabism alliance is gone and the choice is now between continue on that or change it to be compatible with the 21st Century!

The (Royal) family is frightened from democracy and with out democracy terrorism will continue.

Radical change is needed or we certainly will loss because ultimately the terrorist will get hold of a WMD and they will not hesitate one moment to use it at all!

So are we going to wait for that to happen or we may do little sacrifices and kick all that devilish rooted alliance for a big change with democracy in the Arabia that should get more appropriate name from adopting a family name into a more civilized state fit with the present time?!

A reader of this site (Emily) sent us an informative article from New York Post worth reading;
Click here

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