Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Incomprehensive List

The Special Iraqi Justice Court has brought charges of war crimes and genocides against the following criminals and mass killers:

1. Saddam Hussein Al Tikriti
2. Abd Hummod Al Tikriti
3. Ali Hassan Majed Al Tikriti
4. Watban Ibrahem Hasan Al Tikriti
5. Barzan Ibrahem Hasan Al Tikriti
6. Taha Yassein Ramadhan
7. Saber Abdaziz Al Dori
8. Tariq Hana Aziz
9. Aziz Saleh Al Nooman
10. Mohammad Hamza Al Zobaidi
11. Kamal Mostafa Abdalla
12. Saltan Hashem Ahmed
13. Aizat Al Dori (in abstentia)

The trial should be televised and quick. The criminals should not be allowed to use or manipulate the trials for their own propaganda especially Saddam!

One of the issues by which Saddam and his thugs should be tried is their desert from the duty during the war.


The law which prevents the death penalty which was put in order by the CPA will be struck of most likely today!

Updated news

30 June 2004 19.30 GMT

1. 10 Hrs curfew announced in Najaf.
2. After a big explosion in Siemawah football stadium (150 miles south Baghdad) where no body hurt the people arrested the perpetrators who are Syrians and killed them! This is not confirmed yet though.
3. The files of Al Jazeera and Al-Arabiyah TVs and the countries supporting them including Qatar are on the desk of PM Iyad Alawi which will be dealt with soon. The outcome may include the supporting states because of its interference in the internal affairs and instigation for murders and terrorism. Al Jazeera may have been involved directly and next few days will show actions against media with black intentions with probable new regulations for that.
4. Confrontation between Saudi security and terrorists in Riyadh resulted in killing one of the big terrorists Abd Errshood and some of his colleagues managed to escape. Among those killed and injured expatriate workers.

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