Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

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Irrespective of who is Aiyad Alawi and Ghazi Al-Yawar they will face a hard job in the immediate future. They are in a temporary position any way for less than a year followed by a general election. We wish them to succeed in their work to establish security and to turn the wheel of the reconstruction forward into an accelerated speed. On the top of the list is to put the basis for civil institutes and law for freedom and democracy. Only by this we will prevent the mentally retarded thugs from controlling power by using the most barbaric, lingering and uncivilized ways.

The formation of the transitional interim government came smoother than expected and at a time which disappointed the terrorists and the countries supporting them. The process of dissolving the IGC was again another civilized and smooth step. Some of the IGC member immediately left the country back to where they lived for longer time! It is good to know who among the GC members and ministers return to Iraq for positions and power and who came to serve the country! There is no excuse to say they left due to poor security. At least one of the previous IGC declared from outside Iraq that he will run into the next general election! He also criticized his colleagues of being a hurdle preventing him to become the Interim president!
Al-Yawar on the other hand said that the Iraqis have chosen him! Bullshit to both of them because the Iraqis have not chosen any one. If they like to be similar to the Arab dictators who achieve 99.999999999999999% results in election let them go to the garbage.
By the way Saddam achieved 100% in the last ELECTION! If he had stayed another 7 BLACK years he will make it 402%! The 100% of the Iraqi people plus another 100% of the Iraqi animals added to that 100% of the Angles in the sky of Iraq and similar from Jins (the Ghosts of Iraq) with the vote of Satan and the vote of GOD!

Well the animals also exposed into tortures and imprisonment plus expulsion by Saddam regime. In one of the stories of torture; one day during the Arab summit meeting in Baghdad each one of them have different kind of food for his main meals. The previous king of Jordan (Hussein) asked for fresh wild desert deer meat for his dinner. The meeting was for 3 days. Saddam asked the three major security forces to be responsible for hunting a deer each day. First day was the day of Mukhabarat and the deer meat was ready in time! The second day the deer meat was a little bit late by the Military intelligent forces. In the third day the King was waiting for long time for the fresh wild desert deer meat and get so frustrated and hungry so contacted the president. Saddam contacted the security forces because it is their turn to hunt for the poor deer. The head of the security (usually Tikriti) told him that they were unable to get a deer but instead they captured a goat and they are interrogating and submitting it into very hard tortures to force it to confess that it is a wild desert deer! Not to worry Sir we are nearly there if it not confesses we will slaughter it!

Regarding the Arab countries and Iran the formation of the interim government before 30 June 2004 was unexpected for them. They liked to see a deteriorating security so as GWB will loss the lection for John Kerry. They then think JK will change his policies about democratic ME and pull his troops but they have been disappointed when JK declared that he will follow even harder role about the well known states which support the ideology of terrorists. These leaders have nothing to do for their people and based their policies on wrong assumptions. The world have changed and moved long distance forward but the Arab leaders remained the same. Saddam is one man who destroyed one of the richest countries and turns it into poverty and occupation. The other Arab leaders are just another Saddam with variable degrees. They have to leave before it is too long for them and their peoples to do so.

We wish the new interim government of Iraq a good luck and to lead during this time to pave the road for full election, complete Iraq independence, establish a respectful relationship with the coalition countries which liberated Iraq from Saddam regime, and set out the way for free, democratic and prosperous Iraq.

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