Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Keith's Idea

On the same time that the Arabs neighbours of Iraq requesting from the Iraqi victims of Saddam regime to bear & pay his debit after his departure, the Americans thinking of ideas of how to help the Iraqi children and schools. The Arabs pointed to above are Saudi Kingdom which either exporting Wahabists to kill the Iraqis or requesting money from Iraqis to pay for Saddam debit. The other state is Kuwait which is not very free from the terrorist Wahabis and some were involved in Qaeda organisation and attacks in Iraq. Other Arabs either sending terrorists like the Libyan who was captured in Najaf by the brave Iraqi Police today and he confessed that he work for the Qaeda, or, looking for the oil and we know those very well! Qatar is another Wahabist state which feed and supports Al Jazeera poisonous snake. Aiyad Alawi may now decide and put the dots on the letters about Qatar and Al Jazeera.
If Iraq going to be a free and democratic state then it is better for it to make a deal with the free and democratic states better than the dictators of the ME. No need to make large deals with poor reputation Arab companies.

It is clear now why the Arab governments and Arab nationalists plus the Wahabists and alike don't like Israel state! It is because that is the only state in their region which is democratic. They fear the democracy so they direct their hater towards something else. This is what happened in Iraq now. Our friends in America will soon ask the Saudis and Kuwaitis to drop the entire debit!

Any way here is Keith email :
I have an idea I would like to get going and would like anyone's help who is interested.

My idea is this- I would like to get the name and address of every
single new school in Iraq (and Afghanistan) and match them with one
school in America. It will be up to the school/school district/and
town in the American school to raise the necessary funds to buy the
Iraqi or Afghans school a computer and videoconferencing equipment.

The children can then get to know each other and get to know the
problems and challenges each one of faces on a day-to-day basis.

This project is way bigger than I can handle myself so we will need the
help of someone at the Department of Education. (Contacts anyone?)
Please help!



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