Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Mousetraps!

The expected surge up of the terrorist attacks happened and may increase even more. The increase is not only in Iraq but also in other places like Saudi Arabia which is the incubator of the ideology provided motherhood for the hate, racism and barbarism.

The Protection and support that the terrorists enjoyed from the motherhood various sectors including people of the same ideology in the high positions allowed them to hide and changed their tactics. The recent mixture of bombs and assassinations is an example. To assassinate a person is not a simple game but rather a complicated issue required not only the executors but many logistic people in and outside the scene of their crime.

In SA the targets are Western and American working in various sectors. They are targeted because of their origin and none else. It is wrong assumption to say that Saudia Arabia is important for the world in her oil because without the highly skilled foreign workers in that country the life there will go into a standstill! There fore the West is more important for the Saudia Arabia than its importance to the world. The West can manage to depend on different resources of oil but SA can not live without the foreign workers on its soil. The problem of the Saudis is not with the rest of the world but with their system as a whole. It is part of the Arab system based on dictatorship, corruption, and downgrading of large sectors of their people. Their problem is with the poisonous ideology of the hate to every non-wahabism.

In Iraq the terrorists now used the same tactic of assassination especially against the Shia members of the Interim Government. The terrorists who killed and/or kidnapped the American engineer working in Riyadh called themselves the Falluja Brigade! No wonder that Falluja now become a small Talaban state inside Iraq! Thousands of Saudis are there and many have been killed. When their families told about their death they celebrate and distribute sweets and congratulate each other! It is better next time to see whether those who are killed get erections before their death or not! They may well do so because of the 77 most beautiful virgins waiting for them at the doors of Paradise once they die!

The recent decapitation of 2 Iraqis and a Lebanese young man plus the assassination of many Iraqis is another warning sign to those responsible for Iraqi security to use a strict tactics of mousetraps for those thugs where ever they go. The bomb which killed 12 Iraqis and injured more today and the other one which killed 4 IP and injured more is another factor which should make no mercy toward the terrorist and their ideology of hate.

In a different incidence two Iraqi Police cars tried to stop a speedy car from entering a military Academy where large number of the American soldiers was inside leading to explosion of the detained car. Two IP killed and the two IP cars destroyed when the speed cars blocked by the IP cars and exploded. Many other civilians were killed and injured as well as cars.

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