Rape and Mutilation

Body mutilation and tattooing were two commonly used punishments by the deposited regime of Saddam.

His son Udy used to have a tool similar to the one used for stamping the animals with a preheated iron stamp for identification.
One day he abducted a young woman from Baghdad and she refused to give herself to his dirt in bed. He then raped her and instructed his body guards to stamp her private parts with a pre-heated piece of iron with a word which mean (prostitute or whore)! After this you may not be able to imagine the pain and psychological suffering that she is going to carry for life. If the stamped area may be repaired by plastic surgery the psychological will not.

Udy used to cut the heads of several women accusing them of prostitution with the VIP government personals (his father's officials). He also killed the pimp who used to arrange private women blue and red parties for his dad. So he accepts it for himself and reject it for his honourable daddy and his officials! One of his great disappointments was when he became impotent after the attack in 1994. They described him that he was screaming loudly and become addicted on drugs. He was a perverted and sadistic person like his father.

An army officer from Mousel told me personally in 1983 that when Saddam used to visit Mousel frequently at that time because he has a special mistress there and every one in the area know it but unable to talk about it. He saw her during one of his visits while she was dancing with other women as a celebration for his visit!

I know the son of the sister of one of the closest relative of Saddam who used to talk proudly about his uncle by saying that he only enjoy to have virgin young women. His body guards used to bring these women for him from different parts in Baghdad. He was later killed by Saddam outside Iraq in 1980s.

The cousin and brother in law of Saddam Adnan Kheralla used to wait for the female students in front of Baghdad University and select what suite him and the death for any one who refuse. He was also killed by Saddam by a helicopter crash.

A group of Saddam's body guard one day saw a pretty woman in a car with her husband. They followed the car and stopped it in a public road away from the others. The husband was a member of the Baath party but that is nothing in front of Saddam's body guards. He was handicapped during Iran Iraq war. They attacked and beaten him and tried to rape his wife who rejected them completely and may be she committed suicide later on.

One of the major crimes which Saddam introduced as a law is to cut the ears of those who escaped from the military service during the war and to put a mark like (X ) by tattooing in the forehead to identify him as traitor and he will be rejected from the employment and any other life aspects. Any doctor who do plastic surgery to correct that will risk cut his hand or even may cost his life!

Now after Saddam and his regime became traitors and escaped from their duties during the war; we request that this role should be implemented on them as soon as possible. Saddam's role should be implemented on himself before his expected trial so as he will feel the pain and the suffering that he inflicted up on thousands of Iraqis who are still suffering from the mutilation and the psychological pain.

The multiple scars that Saddam inflict on us will never heal at all until our death. It is so painful so that we are unable to describe it in simple neither complex words. You are reading my word but you will never be able to appreciate my agony and pain and suffering at all and I don't want any one of you to get the same suffering!

Paul Bremer Visited Al Hawra Zainab Centre

Paul Bremer visit to this human right centre in the holy city of Karbala which concern with the women rights is very symbolic and important.

I think Paul Bremer is a very intelligent person and he showed a good respect to the values and the ethics of the Iraqi society especially the oppressed people among them by the previous regime. He was quick to understand that aspect and so many times he expressed his respect to Sayyad Ali Sistani. The other very important aspect is his support for the victims of the previous devilish regime.

At the beginning I thought that his decision to dissolve the army was wrong but now looking back to the history of the previous army and the birth of the new army, I think he was right to do so. If you got a routed house better to get rid of it and build a new one. Same thing applied for the security forces.

As the handover of power coming closer, I suggest that Paul should be give the Iraqi nationality in addition to his US one as well as his wife and children. If this is not possible then I hope he will stay with us as the honoured Ambassador for the United State of America in Iraq.
I do not know the other members of the CPA but those who behaved like this honourable man Mr Paul Bremer they really should be taken in the highest respectful way by the Iraqis. Let us give them our nationality as (American Iraqis) and they are welcome to stay with us in Iraq as their second country.

Lastly I heard that Paul has not only quick to understand many aspects of the Iraqi society but also quickly to learn to cook many Iraqi food and the one that he is going to cook back for his wife and children is Fasanjoon. I know he is a busy man but if he got an opportunity he may let us know whether he tired to cook it or not yet, probably he may give us a summary of how to do it!

UN, Arab League and Iraq

Irrespective of the terrorist attack against the UN HQ in Baghdad last August in which Sergio Vieira de Mello the Head of the UN envoy and other 22 including Iraqis killed, the Iraqis feel strong bitterness from the UN as well as the Arab League (AL). Both are nonchalant and careless about the Iraqis as a people.

I don't like to elaborate about the recklessness of the AL regarding the suffering of the Iraqi people and its silence about the atrocities of the previous tyrant regime but to point out briefly to some of them. Indeed the bureaucratic and rusty AL was born handicapped in a time which is different from the present time. In one word it is a league of the non-elected dictator Arab governments. It has no activity about human rights at all.

The AL sent a delegation team headed by Ahmed Bin Helli in Dec 2003 to Iraq for verification of facts (according to the AL statements). That was the first and last team arrived after the overthrown of the tyrant regime. Amrou Mosa (President of AL) before the war was strongly supporting Saddam's regime and he strongly refused to carry the initiative of Sheikh Ziad Bin Saltan Al Nihian of the UAE which requested Saddam to leave to avoid destructive war to the country.

The AL role in the UN was strongly calling for a justice to the dictator . After the war the AL refused to recognize the Iraqi governing Council. They said because the GC is not elected and they forget that none of the Arab governments are elected. The other cause according to the AL that the GC was appointed by the US, but they forget that the AL indeed had been established by the British in 1948! After its establishment it recognized all the Coup de tat governments which came by tanks, then kept silent about their atrocities.
Few months ago more than 1000 Iraqi intellectuals signed a document requesting the withdrawal of Iraq from the AL until it correct its biased attitude and modernise itself to be compatible with the modern time but the GC tried to leave doors opened.
Only after pressures from the US and international community the AL reluctantly recognized the GC!

The AL under pressure and condemnation from different sides decided to send its verification team to Iraq. Of course for us (the Iraqis) we know this is nothing but a puff. It is just another failure for the AL, but we let it be there so that the Iraqis may verify the AL attitude and not the opposite! Now we got our verification about the AL from their own report about their mission which was recently published in the AP and other press. In summary the AL after their difficult delivery they gave birth into a rat! They said in their report that the Coalition forces led by the US are a serious threat to the security of Iraq and the region by giving powers to the Shiite and Kurds! This is their first sneeze! The second sneeze sent a droplet of AL Flu viruses by warning that the Shiites and Kurds are dangerous for the unity of Iraq. This may be why the Shia all over the Arab world are oppressed community including in Egypt the location of the AL and the Gulf states. In KSA, 57 top clergies recently signed a statement calling all the Sunni Muslims to volunteer for Jihad in Iraq against the Shia? Any way the AL considers democracy and the differences in ideas as a threat to the unity and the best thing to keep unity is by oppressing and preventing the Shias and Kurds from expressing their ideas.

The role of the UN is bitterer than the AL in Iraq. Saddam was oppressing the Iraqis and on the same time the UN was applying its harsh sanction and humiliation on them.

France, Russia, China and some others tried their best to keep Saddam in power and on the same time benefiting from oil for food programme to sale their sh** to the Iraqis. They tried to get the sanction lifted so the sale of that sh** will increase and the Iraqis will stay under the killing terror of Saddam on the same time the UN keeps iron fist over the Iraqis at any moment. It was not only France, Russia and China plus others but on the level of individuals the attitude was same. For example Hans Blix the former UNMOVC was so happy to get a job bringing him from post retirement life to a new VIP life therefore he wished to keep it as long as possible irrespective of the suffering of the Iraqi people under sanction and tyranny.

France and Russia fought desperately to keep the US from ousting Saddam. When the war finished they pushed for the UN to join in the reconstruction process not to give it legitimacy as they announce but they like to get a piece of the cake. Now when the reconstruction hindered by the security situation they pulled themselves far away as if nothing is happening there! Is this not strange thing!

When the UN is mentioned the first thing strike in the mind of any Iraqi is the sanction, the humiliating process of the inspection and the lack of the sovereignty by that process plus Saddam as a dirty dictator accepting such thing to happen to the people. He was unable to protect that sovereignty. Any one other than him with little dignity will quit the chair but being another Arab dictator only death or force will take him from that bloody chair. The Iraqis regret that the US haven't ousted Saddam in 1991 but we think that GWB did a great job to finish it 12 years later rather than leaving it for more death and recklessness to come. It is therefore the US not the UN which helped the Iraqis to regain their sovereignty which was taken by the UN. The real occupiers were the UN inspection teams.
The UN was not only failed in Iraq but many other parts of the world. His team after the last terrorist attack against the UN HQ has not been pulled temporarily but escaped in front of the terrorist attack.

When Saddam was in power Kofi Annan was insisting for the inspection teams (the real occupier of Iraq) to go back to resume their occupation! Now his delegate Mr Lakhdar Ibrahimi in a news conference in Baghdad kept every thing gloomy and in disarray . The only thing that he makes clear is his concern about civil war, as if he came to study the possibility of a civil war! This is exactly like the position of the AL which is like putting on the wounds of the Iraqis, salts and acid. We haven't heard that the Iraqis complained to Al Akhdder Ibrahimi about civil war. In all circumstances we think that his mission is a failure at least because his UN escaped from the terrorist attacks.

The world today is different from the world after the cold war era and as the UN replaced the United League before a new international body should replace the UN during this new time. The basis for this organization is there but it needs the courage to call for it. Same thing applied for the AL but here the situation is more difficult because the Arab people are unable to express their will and ideas due to multiple and complex causes one of them is the lack of freedom and human rights.

Number 41

The Iraqi police has just announced that they captured Mohammad Zimmam Abd Alrazaq who was responsible for the Baath party in the north. He appeared wearing the Arabs uniform in a good health and clean sitting beside the director of the Iraqi police in Baghdad as shown by Al Iraqiyah TV channel after cutting its programme to announce the capture.
A step towards Eizat and Zarqawi soon!

No Comment!

The Draft of the Interim Administrative Law

It is nice to see the draft of the IAL for the period between the 31 July 2004 until a general election in Dec 2005 published in the newspapers today but there are a lot of foggy areas need to be clarified.

The draft consisted of 51 section which form a skeleton that needs meat and skin to give it the outside detailed shape (i.e. it is bone without meat). The Kurdish area in the north had a lot off sections and the draft describe it in a way giving the impression as if it is a separate state! On the other hand there is very little explanation about how the federal state is formed. Most important if you form a federal state you should have a strong point in the law to keep this federal sate intact and not going to disintegrate in future. This tag need to be closed indeed! Federal or some thing similar should be left to be decided by voting by the Iraqis.

There is a very important aspect which should be inserted as a major point; that is about the Law should be above every one from the head of the state and includes the foreign residents. In this aspect there should be a referral point to say that any citizen have the right to take a legal action against any official irrespective of his or her position from the head of the state and below. There should be a referral to impeach the top officials for any corruptions by the high court. Indeed corruption should be referred to as a top criminal act.

The Law is above every one; no exceptions!

There are lot of areas need to be revised but one last point worth mentioning here. There should be a referral that the officials and ministers' election or selection should not be according to their ethinic status or relgion but their qualifications and experience and ability to do their job properly. The Iraqi government is not an ethnic based one. There should be an equal opportunity for all irrespective if they are Sunni or Shiite or Christians or Sabbians or Jewish or Kurds or Arabs or Kildoashorian or Turkimans or others. Equal and the law above them!

Lastly there should and should be a mention that the interim government abide to the human rights in all its aspects and any one offer help to the terrorist should be taken as top crime.

We hope that those concerned in the GC and may be the CPA cast an eye on these notes!

The struggle between Good and Evil

Every one of us carries his own good and evil inside himself. We know what is good and what is evil. In short good is when our work produces some thing of value for our self and/or the others including every thing in this planet. On the other hand evil is any work or intention which leads to ugly things to the person him or the others. Therefore the evil and good are variables which may interact in one person.

I still consider the human being a mysterious creature! Until now we know very little about it! The medical science gave us pits and pieces about the physiology, antomy etc of the body and for the ease of study divide it into systems. This division by itself is wrong because our body work as one unit but no institute or scientist able to comprehend and understand the human being as a whole unit. There are little comprehension about the psychology of the man and how one may stimulate the aspect of good to make it superior to the evil or the reverse.

The equation between the good and evil is a reciprocal one. It may look like a two kind of receptors if you stimulate one type the other will be attenuated. This is where the theory of brain wash comes from. We all born and grow with these two kind of receptors in our self; one is good and one is evil. Then there are a lot of factors affecting it. These factors are complex and it certainly includes the influence of the family, the society, the friends, and the person himself etc.

The aim of this article is not to discuss the philosophical aspect of the good and evil but to try to link this into the psychopathic changes in the personalities of the suicidal people who indiscriminately kill innocent people. The worst out of it that they link their action to one of the religions like Islam by manipulating its principles to suite their evil acts. Again this is part of the brain wash to attenuate the good receptors and stimulate the evil one.
In Islam (the holy Quran) there is a verse it is meaning is (any one who kill a person considered as if he killed the whole people). The Quran refers to the person as (Nafs) and Nafs mean a soul so this is could be a soul of any person irrespective of his religion or believe! (Sora 5: Verse: 32: whosoever killeth a human being for other than man slaughter or corruption in the earth it shall be as if he had killed all mankind and whoso saveth the life of one it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind). In actual fact the acts of the terrorist and those who carried out mass graves are corruption in earth.
The groups who call themselves Muslims in the name of Islam they legitimate their evil act and their psychopathic intentions may be to try to sooth the guilt which result from their ugly actions.

In the last few days the terrorist attacks increased against the innocent Iraqis especially the police forces which try to keep the security. Many attacks carried out in various parts of the country and at least 3 were major in Irbil, Baghdad and Al Iscandriyah. It included attacks on the electricity power station in Al Misayab and Althoeriah police station. Some has been carried out by strapping dogs with explosives like the explosion which occurred last week in Basrah. The dog may be considered as a martyr according to the psychopathic dogma of the perpetrators!
We know why this happening because of the UN assessment team is there to verify the situation about the election and transfer of power. They don't like election because it adds legitimacy on the new government and make them to loss their card to claim that the government is a pro American poppet!

The strange thing is that both the new Iraqi Police and the Coalition forces knew that this is the time the terrorist will flare up their filthy acts yet they gathered and exposed too many Iraqis volunteered for the IP in the yesterday attack south Baghdad which could have been postponed or gathered them in more secure place or increasing the security in their place! More than that after yesterday attack another exactly similar attack happened in Baghdad against Iraqis gathered as volunteers for the new Iraqi army. Well; how can you have another exactly similar attack under exactly similar circumstances?! One may argue that with little thoughts from the concerned departments may alleviate the second attack at least.

In the next few weeks we expect more attacks so as more security needed.
There is a lot of evidence about secret nets activities recently increased in Jordan, Syria, and Egypt with links in Iraq for smuggling Arabs via Jordan to Iraq. Large numbers of Egyptians, Sudanese, Yemenis and other Arabs pay ransoms to get smuggled. The mafia is spreading propaganda about lot of jobs and earnings in Iraq when reconstruction process starts! It is a sort of deception not to try to make dirty profits only but to smuggle of terrorists intentionally or unintentionally.

On the other hand Iraq now is the worst country regarding the level of unemployment reaching up to 80% in some parts which will certainly feeds the instability, the mafias and the terrorists.
New strict rules with punishments regarding those dealing with men trafficking are needed. On the same time it should be obligatory to carry personal IDs by all Iraqis and residents. As the time is not very suitable now the entry visa to stay should be very short and reporting to police stations must be mandatory on a weekly basis for all those entering Iraq.
Strong and enough Iraqi forces needed in the borders with Jordan especially the seasonal roads and Ekashat area as well as Turkish border via Sharkat. The CPA and GC should inform the concerned governments in Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Turkey to keep their responsibility.

At last one have to say that when the rope get tight around the neck of the terrorist they will try to bite, kick, and use all possible ways to get off the string. This time there are certain determinations not to allow them to escape but if you like to stop the evil you should cut its roots which feed the upper parts. The roots are the ideology of the terrorist which act like brain wash as we mention this above otherwise you will get evil buds which may flourish quickly.

The idea of calling for an international conference (War against Terrorism) attended by the head of states of all countries is very good one especially if resulted in a pact
which have to be signed by all states to act according to its resolutions or expelled from the international community! The pact may include steps have to be taken towards democracy in the Middle East and should be implemented by all the sates especially those who do not respect the human rights (99.99% of them!).

Our Failure is their Success & the opposite!

Al Qaeda senior carrier called Hassan Ghul has been arrested by the Iraqi Kurdish forces 3 weeks ago when he was trying to enter Iraq from Iran. After his arrest the US forces confiscated a secret document (about 17 pages) on a CD which may be written by Abu Musab Al Zarqawi. The document has been brought first by the New York Times newspaper Sunday 8 Feb 2004 by Dexter Filkins.

The document (written in Arabic) contains information about the failure of Al Qeida to force the US forces to withdraw from Iraq by the suicidal bombing. They therefore are planning for new tactics to inflame and wage a sectarian war between the Shiite and Sunni and seeking a help from its leaders to achieve that goal! They refer to the Shiite and all non-Wahabi groups as the stray (infidels) groups who should be killed according to their principles! The document also indicates that at least 25 suicidal attacks against the Shiites, US forces, Iraqi Police and UN carried out by Al Qaeda itself. It described the American as the most cowardly people on the earth! It also indicates the frustration of Al Qaeda thugs in Iraq that they had not been given the support they wish to have by the Iraqis. They also frustrated that the Iraqi forces are getting stronger which stagnated their work in Iraq. This may be why they tried to increase their attacks against the IP stations recently.

Abo Mosaab Al Zarqawi (36 year) is a Jordanian from Al Zarqa (18 miles East Amman) and his real name is Fadhl Nazzal Al Khalaiylah from Bani Hassan Tribes in Jordan. He left Jordan in 1999 to Afghanistan and his leg was amputated during the fight in 2001. There is strong evidence that he came to Iraq via the North of Iran to Insar Al Islam Group which represent Al Qaida base in that part. The US put 5 million Dollars on his head! He may be the strongest Al Qaeda man in that region. His arrest will form a big blow to the head of the terrorist groups.

The majority of Iraqis are vigilant enough not to allow the outside thugs to push them into a civil war because it is not in their interests at all. The only one who benefit from the war are the terrorist and we know that. In actual fact the terrorists tried to inflame the war during when they bombed Mr Al Hakem infront of Imam Ali Mosque in Najaf but they failed.

All the Iraqis Sunni and Shiite and Kurds and Arabs and others are various parts in one body called Iraq and any one like to push them into a civil war should get his punishment on their hands before he accomplish his devilish intentions.

The New York Times Article

U.S. Says Files Seek Qaeda Aid in Iraq Conflict


BAGHDAD, Iraq, Feb. 8 - American officials here have obtained a detailed proposal that they conclude was written by an operative in Iraq to senior leaders of Al Qaeda, asking for help to wage a "sectarian war" in Iraq in the next months.
The Americans say they believe that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a Jordanian who has long been under scrutiny by the United States for suspected ties to Al Qaeda, wrote the undated 17-page document. Mr. Zarqawi is believed to be operating here in Iraq.
The document was made available to The New York Times on Sunday, with an accompanying translation made by the military. A reporter was allowed to see the Arabic and English versions and to write down large parts of the translation.
The memo says extremists are failing to enlist support inside the country, and have been unable to scare the Americans into leaving. It even laments Iraq's lack of mountains in which to take refuge.
Yet mounting an attack on Iraq's Shiite majority could rescue the movement, according to the document. The aim, the document contends, is to prompt a counterattack against the Arab Sunni minority.
Such a "sectarian war" will rally the Sunni Arabs to the religious extremists, the document argues. It says a war against the Shiites must start soon - at "zero hour" - before the Americans hand over sovereignty to the Iraqis. That is scheduled for the end of June.
The American officials in Baghdad said they were confident the account was credible and said they had independently corroborated Mr. Zarqawi's authorship. If it is authentic, it offers an inside account of the insurgency and its frustrations, and bears out a number of American assumptions about the strength and nature of religious extremists - but it also charts out a battle to come.
The document would also constitute the strongest evidence to date of contacts between extremists in Iraq and Al Qaeda. But it does not speak to the debate about whether there was a Qaeda presence in Iraq during the Saddam Hussein era, nor is there any mention of a collaboration with Hussein loyalists.
Yet other interpretations may be possible, including that it was written by some other insurgent, but one who exaggerated his involvement.
Still, a senior United States intelligence official in Washington said, "I know of no reason to believe the letter is bogus in any way." He said the letter was seized in a raid on a known Qaeda safe house in Baghdad, and did not pass through Iraqi groups that American intelligence officials have said in the past may have provided unreliable information.
Without providing further specifics, the senior intelligence officer said there was additional information pointing to the idea that Al Qaeda was considering mounting or had already mounted attacks on Shiite targets in Iraq.
"This is not the only indication of that," the official said. The intercepted letter also appears to be the strongest indication since the American invasion last March that Mr. Zarqawi remains active in plotting attacks, the official said.
According to the American officials here, the Arabic-language document was discovered in mid-January when a Qaeda suspect was arrested in Iraq. Under interrogation, the Americans said, the suspect identified Mr. Zarqawi as the author of the document. The man arrested was carrying it on a CD to Afghanistan, the Americans said, and intended to deliver it to people they described as the "inner circle" of Al Qaeda's leadership. That presumably refers to Osama bin Laden and his deputy, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri.
The Americans declined to identify the suspect. But the discovery of the disc coincides with the arrest of Hassan Ghul, a Pakistani described by American officials at the time as a courier for the Qaeda network. Mr. Ghul is believed to be the first significant member of that network to have been captured inside Iraq.
The document is written with a rhetorical flourish. It calls the Americans "the biggest cowards that God has created," but at the same time sees little chance that they will be forced from Iraq.
"So the solution, and only God knows, is that we need to bring the Shia into the battle," the writer of the document said. "It is the only way to prolong the duration of the fight between the infidels and us. If we succeed in dragging them into a sectarian war, this will awaken the sleepy Sunnis who are fearful of destruction and death at the hands" of Shiites.
The author offers his services and those of his followers to the recipients of the letter, who American officials contend are Al Qaeda's leaders.
"You noble brothers, leaders of the jihad, we do not consider ourselves people who compete against you, nor would we ever aim to achieve glory for ourselves like you did," the writer says. "So if you agree with it, and are convinced of the idea of killing the perverse sects, we stand ready as an army for you to work under your guidance and yield to your command."
In the period before the war, Bush administration officials argued that Mr. Zarqawi constituted the main link between Al Qaeda and Mr. Hussein's government. Last February at the United Nations, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell said, "Iraq today harbors a deadly terrorist network, headed by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, an associate and collaborator of Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda lieutenants."
Around that time, the Americans believed that Mr. Zarqawi was holed up in the mountains at the Iranian border with Ansar al Islam, a group linked to Al Qaeda that is suspected of mounting attacks against American forces in Iraq.
Since the war ended, little evidence has emerged to support the allegation of a prewar Qaeda connection in Iraq. Last month, Mr. Powell conceded that the American government had found "no smoking gun" linking Mr. Hussein's government with Al Qaeda.
In the document, the writer indicated that he had directed about 25 suicide bombings inside Iraq. That conforms with an American view that suicide bombings were more likely to be carried out by Iraqi religious extremists and foreigners than by Hussein allies.
"We were involved in all the martyrdom operations - in terms of overseeing, preparing and planning - that took place in this country," the writer of the document says. "Praise be to Allah, I have completed 25 of these operations, some of them against the Shia and their leaders, the Americans and their military, and the police, the military and the coalition forces."
But the writer details the difficulties that he and his comrades have been experiencing, both in combating American forces and in enlisting supporters. The Americans are an easy target, according to the author, who nonetheless claims to be impressed by the Americans' resolve. After significant losses, he writes, "America, however, has no intention of leaving, no matter how many wounded nor how bloody it becomes."
The Iraqis themselves, the writer says, have not been receptive to taking holy warriors into their homes.
"Many Iraqis would honor you as a guest and give you refuge, for you are a Muslim brother," according to the document. "However, they will not allow you to make their home a base for operations or a safe house."
The writer contends that the American efforts to set up Iraqi security services have succeeded in depriving the insurgents of allies, particularly in a country where kinship networks are extensive.
"The problem is you end up having an army and police connected by lineage, blood and appearance," the document says. "When the Americans withdraw, and they have already started doing that, they get replaced by these agents who are intimately linked to the people of this region."
With some exasperation, the author writes: "We can pack up and leave and look for another land, just like what has happened in so many lands of jihad. Our enemy is growing stronger day after day, and its intelligence information increases.
"By God, this is suffocation!" the writer says.
But there is still time to mount a war against the Shiites, thereby to set off a wider war, he writes, if attacks are well under way before the turnover of sovereignty in June. After that, the writer suggests, any attacks on Shiites will be viewed as Iraqi-on-Iraqi violence that will find little support among the people.
"We have to get to the zero hour in order to openly begin controlling the land by night, and after that by day, God willing," the writer says. "The zero hour needs to be at least four months before the new government gets in place."
That is the timetable, the author concludes, because, after that, "How can we kill their cousins and sons?"
"The Americans will continue to control from their bases, but the sons of this land will be the authority," the letter states. "This is the democracy. We will have no pretexts."

Iraq Legacy of Terror

This is a report in a form of small but very important booklet written by Andrew Natsios the Administrator of the US Agency of the International Development.

It has been sent to me from a respectful reader of this blog. It is an interesting and a worth reading indeed. It is linked to the sidebar.

See the fate of at least 290,000 disappeared Iraqis! Can Saddam kill 400,000 (the mass graved) by himself alone or there are death squads who should be brought to justice as well!

What the USAID say about the above numbers? How men, women, children, elderly, handicapped among Shiites and Kurds were indiscriminately rounded up and killed.

After 1991 the Kurds were protected by a safe heaven by the USA and the UK but the Shiites remained under sever and continuous brutality and oppression until the occupation (liberation) of Iraq in April 9 2003.

Also read three stories by three Iraqis witnessed and survived the killing fields!

The stories and the pictures may contain unpleasant scenes for those who are sensitive!

Click on the Picture to see the report.

Current Overview

More than 400 Iranian reformists wrote to Sayyad Ali Sistani to interfere and give his idea about the election in Iran making a reference to his ideas about Iraq. Among them are MPs, writers, clergy men, and other intellectuals.
This is a very important issue that the Americans, the Iraqis, and Mr Sistani should take in consideration very well. In our opinion it is the fruits that Iraq as a model for the region starts to ripe even before its season. I am not a specialist in agriculture but I knew if the weather is good the trees may give ripe fruits before its season. What I mean is in spite of the poor security situation and the real reconstruction and democracy is not yet started but the light of it start to shine through the borders!

Let me tell you something important. If Saddam is still here in Iraq the intellectual Iranians will not dare to write to Mr Sistani at all. It will have serious consequences not only on them but on him in Iraq. The other thing is the glory of the Najaf Hawza is coming back after decades of trial to hijack it due to political and other reasons. This is very important indeed especially for the US, Iraq, peace and cutting of terrors in the region and the world. Here we need to stop, to identify the uterus which accommodates the ideology that gave birth to terrorists! Then the same ideology brain washed the newborn terrorists to grow as suicidal fanatics. This becomes very clear to GWB teams after the 11 Sep 2001 terrorist attacks what is that uterus?

The US is a superpower but it needs friends in the region among the people not the rulers to be able to clap its hands. America needs alliance in the region among the people, not the dictators. The previous experience for decades of supporting the rulers gave birth to nothing but nests of terrorists.

Iran is very important and if America showed respect to the Shiite authority in Najaf it will win the support of not only Iran but others who follow Najaf in the strategic region that GWB teams knew very well. The Shiite themselves has been continually targeted by the same graduates of the uterus which gave birth to the 11 Sep 2001 attacks!

On the other hand we, the Iraqis would like to have a real democracy and we do not like to see any member of the GC trying to cling to power. There are some noticeable movements of some trying to do so by making closure with some in the US. Those who are doing so should clear the way and not to impose themselves as a new dictators. We like to have a country of institutes and law and 3 or 4 yearly general elections. Any one like to rule should convenience the Iraqis about his or her programme regarding the whole issue of internal and external affairs.

Attempt to Assassinate Sistani

Ayatollah Sayyad Ali Sistani escaped safely a coward barbaric devilish act to assassinate him this morning in Najaf. Unknown thugs not related to the human race neither to the animals or the insects opened fires on Sistani (72 years old) while he was in his way back home.

He is safe and no one hurt during the attack.
It is not clear whether the attackers have been arrested or not.
These filthy cockroaches that have no respect to old man or children or women or any kind of life should not live with us but they should go back to where they should be in the filth.

Paul Bremer abolishing the death penalty was so wrong because it is the only way to stop the bloody thugs is by hanging them in the public or put them in an x-ray camp like wild dogs. It is only 5 months and when the power return to the Iraqis the thugs know what will happen to their necks.

The Terrorist

Below is the picture of the terrorist who blow himself in Irbil North Iraq during the first day of Eid and killed at least 110 including children and women and injured more than 200.

Once his picture released a Taxi driver informed the authorities in Irbil that he took this man from in front of Al Zahrah Hotel in Kurkuk to the coach station for Irbil. The police then searched the hotel and found a Yemeni man with lot of explosives. The investigation continued.

The Bloodthirsty Devils

Eid in Arabic means feast or celebration for every one. For children it means joy, happiness, gifts, food and so on. For the families it means gathering and having food and a chat. For friends it is a time for seeing each other to celebrate. For the shops and markets it is a time of more work and more money and happiness. For the state it is a holiday. It is also prayer for peace and blessing!

For the Iraqis it was like this before but since 25 years ago when Saddam controlled all powers and started his war with Iran then 12 years ago after the mother of all traps the situation is different and getting worse.
We have no celebrations and if we join one we may smile from outside but our hearts bleed from inside with agony and silent cry.
One time in 1997 I had a chat with a British friend in London about our situation and only after few minutes talk, he said "sam, it is good that you are still able to smile!"

An Iraqi friend told me the story of how he met his parents in 1999 in Jordan after 18 years of not able to see them. He waited for them in the airport and his head was full with all kinds of thoughts and questions about the past and the present. He asked himself how they look like now and what I will say to them and how he will hug them and what about the rest of the family, brothers and sisters and others who were not able to come. His body was in the airport but his mind was completely outside. When his parents arrived he looked to his father to see an old man not like the one that he left full with activity and energy 18 years ago; he cried. Tears were irresistible! His mother saw him from the far end and she shouted with deep cry calling him by his name that she preferred to call him with when he was a little boy! He runs toward them and hugged his father and both cried and cried and cried. Then he hugged his mother and the same thing happened and then both parents hugged him and no words but cry! This was continued for 20 minutes, after which they looked to see all the people around them crying with their cry! Same story happened to me after I met my parents after 16 years not able to see them when I saw them outside Iraq a year ago. My friend told me I wish some one filmed my meeting with my parents and send a copy of it to the members of what is called the UN! Stories like this are countless including the lady who heard about the death of her mother that she has not seen her for 18 years and she become mad after this she had a psychiatric illness. Who are responsible for our anguish, suffering and pain?

Now after all this the bloodthirsty devils would like to hijack even that outside smile from us during the Eid by turning their filthy devils to bomb the Iraqis here and there. The bomb in Irbil which killed 107 and injured more than 200 is a new kind for Iraq. Before this bomb they used detained cars or donkeys or dogs but this is the first time the suicidal thugs used detained belts around their filthy waist including a female vampire. These people are from outside Iraq and they don't like to see happiness on the faces of the children at all. They are the enemy of the smile even if it is a superficial one!

The lesson for the Kurds and Arabs is to unite and if anything good left by this coward acts is to unite us against the terrorist and to wipe them out.

Al Iraqiyah!

Al Iraqiyah channel started to broadcast on Arabsat 2D and other sats. Below is the necessary information how to receive it.

- Arabsat 2D at 25.8 degree E; frequency 11100 V; SR 3000 3/4
- Eutelsat W1 at 10 degrees E; frequency 10989 H; SR 3100 3/4
- Atlantic Bird W1 at 12.5 degree W; frequency 11042 V; SR 5000 3

Also appeared a test sign for Iraqi Media Network (IMN) in both Hotbird (Arabsat group) and Nilesat satellites.

Some consider the new channel as a mouthpiece for the coalition! I can not comment on this yet but the broadcasted programmes are mostly a repeat of what had been shown in the other channels also based on Egyptian series or films and songs which make it boring to the Iraqi viewers. It need to concentrate more on broadcasting Iraqi entertainment programmes, films, documentaries, meetings and variable presentations from other countries. It needs to show new Iraqi programmes of all kinds to make it attractive to all viewers. It should reflect the reality and the needs of the Iraqi society now and in future. There is no point to show a programme designed to be broadcasted for Lebanese or Egyptians or others and you have a lot of nice Iraqi presentations, music, show, old films, and creation of new things. For example get a programme about the marshes, the archaeology, the culture, the universities, the attractions, stories about those suffered under Saddam. Yes we like to hear them! Show his atrocities to the world! What is the point of having Mishalani or Kishalani from Sind and Hind or a chef from Honalolo and the Iraqis have no food to eat!
The channel is nice but need to build its own specification and not to become a Parrot! Good luck but hope you will get your own identity compatible with your name. We will watch and see!

Most important is the new Iraqi media should be free from the control of the state, constructive, always give the truth and a model for the other ME media. It should work for the benefit of the country and peace all over the world.

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