Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Rape and Mutilation

Body mutilation and tattooing were two commonly used punishments by the deposited regime of Saddam.

His son Udy used to have a tool similar to the one used for stamping the animals with a preheated iron stamp for identification.
One day he abducted a young woman from Baghdad and she refused to give herself to his dirt in bed. He then raped her and instructed his body guards to stamp her private parts with a pre-heated piece of iron with a word which mean (prostitute or whore)! After this you may not be able to imagine the pain and psychological suffering that she is going to carry for life. If the stamped area may be repaired by plastic surgery the psychological will not.

Udy used to cut the heads of several women accusing them of prostitution with the VIP government personals (his father's officials). He also killed the pimp who used to arrange private women blue and red parties for his dad. So he accepts it for himself and reject it for his honourable daddy and his officials! One of his great disappointments was when he became impotent after the attack in 1994. They described him that he was screaming loudly and become addicted on drugs. He was a perverted and sadistic person like his father.

An army officer from Mousel told me personally in 1983 that when Saddam used to visit Mousel frequently at that time because he has a special mistress there and every one in the area know it but unable to talk about it. He saw her during one of his visits while she was dancing with other women as a celebration for his visit!

I know the son of the sister of one of the closest relative of Saddam who used to talk proudly about his uncle by saying that he only enjoy to have virgin young women. His body guards used to bring these women for him from different parts in Baghdad. He was later killed by Saddam outside Iraq in 1980s.

The cousin and brother in law of Saddam Adnan Kheralla used to wait for the female students in front of Baghdad University and select what suite him and the death for any one who refuse. He was also killed by Saddam by a helicopter crash.

A group of Saddam's body guard one day saw a pretty woman in a car with her husband. They followed the car and stopped it in a public road away from the others. The husband was a member of the Baath party but that is nothing in front of Saddam's body guards. He was handicapped during Iran Iraq war. They attacked and beaten him and tried to rape his wife who rejected them completely and may be she committed suicide later on.

One of the major crimes which Saddam introduced as a law is to cut the ears of those who escaped from the military service during the war and to put a mark like (X ) by tattooing in the forehead to identify him as traitor and he will be rejected from the employment and any other life aspects. Any doctor who do plastic surgery to correct that will risk cut his hand or even may cost his life!

Now after Saddam and his regime became traitors and escaped from their duties during the war; we request that this role should be implemented on them as soon as possible. Saddam's role should be implemented on himself before his expected trial so as he will feel the pain and the suffering that he inflicted up on thousands of Iraqis who are still suffering from the mutilation and the psychological pain.

The multiple scars that Saddam inflict on us will never heal at all until our death. It is so painful so that we are unable to describe it in simple neither complex words. You are reading my word but you will never be able to appreciate my agony and pain and suffering at all and I don't want any one of you to get the same suffering!

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