Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Al Iraqiyah!

Al Iraqiyah channel started to broadcast on Arabsat 2D and other sats. Below is the necessary information how to receive it.

- Arabsat 2D at 25.8 degree E; frequency 11100 V; SR 3000 3/4
- Eutelsat W1 at 10 degrees E; frequency 10989 H; SR 3100 3/4
- Atlantic Bird W1 at 12.5 degree W; frequency 11042 V; SR 5000 3

Also appeared a test sign for Iraqi Media Network (IMN) in both Hotbird (Arabsat group) and Nilesat satellites.

Some consider the new channel as a mouthpiece for the coalition! I can not comment on this yet but the broadcasted programmes are mostly a repeat of what had been shown in the other channels also based on Egyptian series or films and songs which make it boring to the Iraqi viewers. It need to concentrate more on broadcasting Iraqi entertainment programmes, films, documentaries, meetings and variable presentations from other countries. It needs to show new Iraqi programmes of all kinds to make it attractive to all viewers. It should reflect the reality and the needs of the Iraqi society now and in future. There is no point to show a programme designed to be broadcasted for Lebanese or Egyptians or others and you have a lot of nice Iraqi presentations, music, show, old films, and creation of new things. For example get a programme about the marshes, the archaeology, the culture, the universities, the attractions, stories about those suffered under Saddam. Yes we like to hear them! Show his atrocities to the world! What is the point of having Mishalani or Kishalani from Sind and Hind or a chef from Honalolo and the Iraqis have no food to eat!
The channel is nice but need to build its own specification and not to become a Parrot! Good luck but hope you will get your own identity compatible with your name. We will watch and see!

Most important is the new Iraqi media should be free from the control of the state, constructive, always give the truth and a model for the other ME media. It should work for the benefit of the country and peace all over the world.

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