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Current Overview

More than 400 Iranian reformists wrote to Sayyad Ali Sistani to interfere and give his idea about the election in Iran making a reference to his ideas about Iraq. Among them are MPs, writers, clergy men, and other intellectuals.
This is a very important issue that the Americans, the Iraqis, and Mr Sistani should take in consideration very well. In our opinion it is the fruits that Iraq as a model for the region starts to ripe even before its season. I am not a specialist in agriculture but I knew if the weather is good the trees may give ripe fruits before its season. What I mean is in spite of the poor security situation and the real reconstruction and democracy is not yet started but the light of it start to shine through the borders!

Let me tell you something important. If Saddam is still here in Iraq the intellectual Iranians will not dare to write to Mr Sistani at all. It will have serious consequences not only on them but on him in Iraq. The other thing is the glory of the Najaf Hawza is coming back after decades of trial to hijack it due to political and other reasons. This is very important indeed especially for the US, Iraq, peace and cutting of terrors in the region and the world. Here we need to stop, to identify the uterus which accommodates the ideology that gave birth to terrorists! Then the same ideology brain washed the newborn terrorists to grow as suicidal fanatics. This becomes very clear to GWB teams after the 11 Sep 2001 terrorist attacks what is that uterus?

The US is a superpower but it needs friends in the region among the people not the rulers to be able to clap its hands. America needs alliance in the region among the people, not the dictators. The previous experience for decades of supporting the rulers gave birth to nothing but nests of terrorists.

Iran is very important and if America showed respect to the Shiite authority in Najaf it will win the support of not only Iran but others who follow Najaf in the strategic region that GWB teams knew very well. The Shiite themselves has been continually targeted by the same graduates of the uterus which gave birth to the 11 Sep 2001 attacks!

On the other hand we, the Iraqis would like to have a real democracy and we do not like to see any member of the GC trying to cling to power. There are some noticeable movements of some trying to do so by making closure with some in the US. Those who are doing so should clear the way and not to impose themselves as a new dictators. We like to have a country of institutes and law and 3 or 4 yearly general elections. Any one like to rule should convenience the Iraqis about his or her programme regarding the whole issue of internal and external affairs.

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