Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Attempt to Assassinate Sistani

Ayatollah Sayyad Ali Sistani escaped safely a coward barbaric devilish act to assassinate him this morning in Najaf. Unknown thugs not related to the human race neither to the animals or the insects opened fires on Sistani (72 years old) while he was in his way back home.

He is safe and no one hurt during the attack.
It is not clear whether the attackers have been arrested or not.
These filthy cockroaches that have no respect to old man or children or women or any kind of life should not live with us but they should go back to where they should be in the filth.

Paul Bremer abolishing the death penalty was so wrong because it is the only way to stop the bloody thugs is by hanging them in the public or put them in an x-ray camp like wild dogs. It is only 5 months and when the power return to the Iraqis the thugs know what will happen to their necks.

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