Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Bloodthirsty Devils

Eid in Arabic means feast or celebration for every one. For children it means joy, happiness, gifts, food and so on. For the families it means gathering and having food and a chat. For friends it is a time for seeing each other to celebrate. For the shops and markets it is a time of more work and more money and happiness. For the state it is a holiday. It is also prayer for peace and blessing!

For the Iraqis it was like this before but since 25 years ago when Saddam controlled all powers and started his war with Iran then 12 years ago after the mother of all traps the situation is different and getting worse.
We have no celebrations and if we join one we may smile from outside but our hearts bleed from inside with agony and silent cry.
One time in 1997 I had a chat with a British friend in London about our situation and only after few minutes talk, he said "sam, it is good that you are still able to smile!"

An Iraqi friend told me the story of how he met his parents in 1999 in Jordan after 18 years of not able to see them. He waited for them in the airport and his head was full with all kinds of thoughts and questions about the past and the present. He asked himself how they look like now and what I will say to them and how he will hug them and what about the rest of the family, brothers and sisters and others who were not able to come. His body was in the airport but his mind was completely outside. When his parents arrived he looked to his father to see an old man not like the one that he left full with activity and energy 18 years ago; he cried. Tears were irresistible! His mother saw him from the far end and she shouted with deep cry calling him by his name that she preferred to call him with when he was a little boy! He runs toward them and hugged his father and both cried and cried and cried. Then he hugged his mother and the same thing happened and then both parents hugged him and no words but cry! This was continued for 20 minutes, after which they looked to see all the people around them crying with their cry! Same story happened to me after I met my parents after 16 years not able to see them when I saw them outside Iraq a year ago. My friend told me I wish some one filmed my meeting with my parents and send a copy of it to the members of what is called the UN! Stories like this are countless including the lady who heard about the death of her mother that she has not seen her for 18 years and she become mad after this she had a psychiatric illness. Who are responsible for our anguish, suffering and pain?

Now after all this the bloodthirsty devils would like to hijack even that outside smile from us during the Eid by turning their filthy devils to bomb the Iraqis here and there. The bomb in Irbil which killed 107 and injured more than 200 is a new kind for Iraq. Before this bomb they used detained cars or donkeys or dogs but this is the first time the suicidal thugs used detained belts around their filthy waist including a female vampire. These people are from outside Iraq and they don't like to see happiness on the faces of the children at all. They are the enemy of the smile even if it is a superficial one!

The lesson for the Kurds and Arabs is to unite and if anything good left by this coward acts is to unite us against the terrorist and to wipe them out.

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