Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Draft of the Interim Administrative Law

It is nice to see the draft of the IAL for the period between the 31 July 2004 until a general election in Dec 2005 published in the newspapers today but there are a lot of foggy areas need to be clarified.

The draft consisted of 51 section which form a skeleton that needs meat and skin to give it the outside detailed shape (i.e. it is bone without meat). The Kurdish area in the north had a lot off sections and the draft describe it in a way giving the impression as if it is a separate state! On the other hand there is very little explanation about how the federal state is formed. Most important if you form a federal state you should have a strong point in the law to keep this federal sate intact and not going to disintegrate in future. This tag need to be closed indeed! Federal or some thing similar should be left to be decided by voting by the Iraqis.

There is a very important aspect which should be inserted as a major point; that is about the Law should be above every one from the head of the state and includes the foreign residents. In this aspect there should be a referral point to say that any citizen have the right to take a legal action against any official irrespective of his or her position from the head of the state and below. There should be a referral to impeach the top officials for any corruptions by the high court. Indeed corruption should be referred to as a top criminal act.

The Law is above every one; no exceptions!

There are lot of areas need to be revised but one last point worth mentioning here. There should be a referral that the officials and ministers' election or selection should not be according to their ethinic status or relgion but their qualifications and experience and ability to do their job properly. The Iraqi government is not an ethnic based one. There should be an equal opportunity for all irrespective if they are Sunni or Shiite or Christians or Sabbians or Jewish or Kurds or Arabs or Kildoashorian or Turkimans or others. Equal and the law above them!

Lastly there should and should be a mention that the interim government abide to the human rights in all its aspects and any one offer help to the terrorist should be taken as top crime.

We hope that those concerned in the GC and may be the CPA cast an eye on these notes!

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