Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq Legacy of Terror

This is a report in a form of small but very important booklet written by Andrew Natsios the Administrator of the US Agency of the International Development.

It has been sent to me from a respectful reader of this blog. It is an interesting and a worth reading indeed. It is linked to the sidebar.

See the fate of at least 290,000 disappeared Iraqis! Can Saddam kill 400,000 (the mass graved) by himself alone or there are death squads who should be brought to justice as well!

What the USAID say about the above numbers? How men, women, children, elderly, handicapped among Shiites and Kurds were indiscriminately rounded up and killed.

After 1991 the Kurds were protected by a safe heaven by the USA and the UK but the Shiites remained under sever and continuous brutality and oppression until the occupation (liberation) of Iraq in April 9 2003.

Also read three stories by three Iraqis witnessed and survived the killing fields!

The stories and the pictures may contain unpleasant scenes for those who are sensitive!

Click on the Picture to see the report.

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