Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The struggle between Good and Evil

Every one of us carries his own good and evil inside himself. We know what is good and what is evil. In short good is when our work produces some thing of value for our self and/or the others including every thing in this planet. On the other hand evil is any work or intention which leads to ugly things to the person him or the others. Therefore the evil and good are variables which may interact in one person.

I still consider the human being a mysterious creature! Until now we know very little about it! The medical science gave us pits and pieces about the physiology, antomy etc of the body and for the ease of study divide it into systems. This division by itself is wrong because our body work as one unit but no institute or scientist able to comprehend and understand the human being as a whole unit. There are little comprehension about the psychology of the man and how one may stimulate the aspect of good to make it superior to the evil or the reverse.

The equation between the good and evil is a reciprocal one. It may look like a two kind of receptors if you stimulate one type the other will be attenuated. This is where the theory of brain wash comes from. We all born and grow with these two kind of receptors in our self; one is good and one is evil. Then there are a lot of factors affecting it. These factors are complex and it certainly includes the influence of the family, the society, the friends, and the person himself etc.

The aim of this article is not to discuss the philosophical aspect of the good and evil but to try to link this into the psychopathic changes in the personalities of the suicidal people who indiscriminately kill innocent people. The worst out of it that they link their action to one of the religions like Islam by manipulating its principles to suite their evil acts. Again this is part of the brain wash to attenuate the good receptors and stimulate the evil one.
In Islam (the holy Quran) there is a verse it is meaning is (any one who kill a person considered as if he killed the whole people). The Quran refers to the person as (Nafs) and Nafs mean a soul so this is could be a soul of any person irrespective of his religion or believe! (Sora 5: Verse: 32: whosoever killeth a human being for other than man slaughter or corruption in the earth it shall be as if he had killed all mankind and whoso saveth the life of one it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind). In actual fact the acts of the terrorist and those who carried out mass graves are corruption in earth.
The groups who call themselves Muslims in the name of Islam they legitimate their evil act and their psychopathic intentions may be to try to sooth the guilt which result from their ugly actions.

In the last few days the terrorist attacks increased against the innocent Iraqis especially the police forces which try to keep the security. Many attacks carried out in various parts of the country and at least 3 were major in Irbil, Baghdad and Al Iscandriyah. It included attacks on the electricity power station in Al Misayab and Althoeriah police station. Some has been carried out by strapping dogs with explosives like the explosion which occurred last week in Basrah. The dog may be considered as a martyr according to the psychopathic dogma of the perpetrators!
We know why this happening because of the UN assessment team is there to verify the situation about the election and transfer of power. They don't like election because it adds legitimacy on the new government and make them to loss their card to claim that the government is a pro American poppet!

The strange thing is that both the new Iraqi Police and the Coalition forces knew that this is the time the terrorist will flare up their filthy acts yet they gathered and exposed too many Iraqis volunteered for the IP in the yesterday attack south Baghdad which could have been postponed or gathered them in more secure place or increasing the security in their place! More than that after yesterday attack another exactly similar attack happened in Baghdad against Iraqis gathered as volunteers for the new Iraqi army. Well; how can you have another exactly similar attack under exactly similar circumstances?! One may argue that with little thoughts from the concerned departments may alleviate the second attack at least.

In the next few weeks we expect more attacks so as more security needed.
There is a lot of evidence about secret nets activities recently increased in Jordan, Syria, and Egypt with links in Iraq for smuggling Arabs via Jordan to Iraq. Large numbers of Egyptians, Sudanese, Yemenis and other Arabs pay ransoms to get smuggled. The mafia is spreading propaganda about lot of jobs and earnings in Iraq when reconstruction process starts! It is a sort of deception not to try to make dirty profits only but to smuggle of terrorists intentionally or unintentionally.

On the other hand Iraq now is the worst country regarding the level of unemployment reaching up to 80% in some parts which will certainly feeds the instability, the mafias and the terrorists.
New strict rules with punishments regarding those dealing with men trafficking are needed. On the same time it should be obligatory to carry personal IDs by all Iraqis and residents. As the time is not very suitable now the entry visa to stay should be very short and reporting to police stations must be mandatory on a weekly basis for all those entering Iraq.
Strong and enough Iraqi forces needed in the borders with Jordan especially the seasonal roads and Ekashat area as well as Turkish border via Sharkat. The CPA and GC should inform the concerned governments in Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Turkey to keep their responsibility.

At last one have to say that when the rope get tight around the neck of the terrorist they will try to bite, kick, and use all possible ways to get off the string. This time there are certain determinations not to allow them to escape but if you like to stop the evil you should cut its roots which feed the upper parts. The roots are the ideology of the terrorist which act like brain wash as we mention this above otherwise you will get evil buds which may flourish quickly.

The idea of calling for an international conference (War against Terrorism) attended by the head of states of all countries is very good one especially if resulted in a pact
which have to be signed by all states to act according to its resolutions or expelled from the international community! The pact may include steps have to be taken towards democracy in the Middle East and should be implemented by all the sates especially those who do not respect the human rights (99.99% of them!).

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