Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Anti-Terrorism International Law

Although most of the countries apparently condemn terrorism but the majority of them have done nothing to stop it. Indeed some of them condemn terrorism by their lips however their hearts, mind and hidden faces support it deep to their bone marrow. They got two or more faces. This applies not only to countries like Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, and other Middle East states but it includes Western countries like the UK. The double faces of the ME states is a very well known fact but some of the Western countries like the UK acted for long time as a safe heaven incubating the (radico-terrorist) groups. Some of these groups have been used as a tool of political pressure against their own government. The other way by which the Western government and or politics served the radical groups is the support that the ME dictators and their (evil ideology) enjoyed from these Western government in return to fulfill their economic or strategic interests. This equation proved its fatal mistakes and if it’s not going to be corrected now then the world will reach to a point in which it will have no time for regretting.

Until now the terrorists used conventional ways to inflict damages and destructions. There are no two disagree that if the terrorists were allowed or able to get Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) to use it against their targets. This may happen as soon as they get it and if the world remained as it is; redundant and fragmented against terrorism. Dictators like Saddam may easily provide either WMD or related materials and technology to the terrorists at the earliest opportunity for both.

Terrorism always creates excuses to justify its evil acts. It knows no limit and related to no particular religion; however, religion is one of its excuses. The world, and before it is too late, needs an anti-terrorism law and a world court with a power to try any one with terrorist activities.

The Western countries including the UK should ban any group which supports terrorism by any mean. Banning of such groups or persons who support terrorism should include those who support terrorism in other countries. Countries like Saudi Arabia which incubate hate and Wahabi ideology which spread its hate everywhere should be the first to be under the magnifying lens for radical and big changes. Persons like Yosief Al-Karadhawi should be banned from the UK and other states. The Qatari Al-Jazeera TV and its alike is another mean which should be under the law of banning.

The whole Middle East should get the same changes happened in the East Europe in late 1980s to 1990s. Democracy and freedom is the key for success. Evil always hide itself under the gowns of the dictators.

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