Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The BBC Hypocritical Propaganda

The BBC World TV channel showed a documentary film about alleged abuse for Sunnis by the Iraqi Police today 27 July 2005 in its News bulletin at 7 PM GMT.

The BBC fooled itself or tried to become an unusual snake by defending the human rights in Iraq. Surely, the BBC haven’t forgotten that there are thousands of British troops in Iraq which are responsible partly for the security and training of the Iraqi police at least in the human right issue!

The strangest thing is the BBC world is so behind in the news; it showed its false propaganda about abuses yet missed or stayed behind about the execution of the two Algerian diplomats who were killed by the Groups of Al-Zarqawi terrorists today. The BBC has also failed to bring the today news about the suicidal blast which killed and wounded tens of innocent Iraqis in a Bus Station and another one in the entrance one of the Hospitals in the centre of Baghdad today.

BBC behaves in the same way of the colonial era of the 1930s when Britain was a Great Empire and used the principle of divide and role which was used at that time. The BBC never had a good cover about the suffering of the Iraqis caused by the terrorists and it is so often called them an insurgents or resistance or like that.

The BBC in its documentary tried to show that the Iraqi police are a Shiite tool against the Sunni minority which is wrong. On the other hand there many terrorists used the Iraqi police uniform to perpetrate its crimes. The BBC should also know that the Iraq police exposed into mass murder on the hand of the terrorists and this can not be tolerated at all. How many Iraqi police and soldiers beheaded, executed, kidnapped and tortured on the hand of the terrorists over the last two years? After the London bombs (not daily like Iraq) the London police shot one man 8 times in the head then they discovered that he is innocent Brazilian Engineer. They also arrested many and evacuated thousands of people from their homes for at least two days in Leeds area before allowing them back. Can the BBC show us a documentary about racism in its police system against the minorities? How about the British troops which killed innocent Iraqis in Basra for which they paid few dollars for the families at least in one incident where a young Iraqi was killed by these troops?

The Iraqi police and army should show zero tolerance to terrorism and should not take account of a hypocritical propaganda by the biased media. On the other hand the Iraqi authorities should be aware of what the foreign media and reporters trying to do in Iraq or report including the BBC. If the BBC was not biased in its report; at it should have been asked the other side about their say about it.

Last we send our condolences to the families of the Algerian diplomats who were both killed by the terrorists thugs of the cockroaches Al-Zarqawi group.

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