Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Syrian support for terrorism in Iraq

The continuous daily terrorist attacks and assassinations which resulted in killing of thousands of Iraqis are of no tiny doubts supported by the Syrian regime.

Syria provided not only safe heaven for the insurgents to cross to Iraq but also training and full logistic supports. It is very wrong to believe or assume that they stopped or reduced their support after the pressure from the US or other states.

For Syrian regime pushing Iraq into chaos is a matter of survival for that regime. Free, democratic and prosperous Iraq represents a real threat on that regime more than any other regime in the region.
Though the deceased president Hafiz Al-assad was a foe for Saddam and he sided with Khomeini during the war of 1980s, he considered the Baathist regime in Iraq as the best regime for him in the Arab world because both belong to the same ideology of Baath party. His disagreement was personal with Saddam and Michele Aflaq.

The Syrian Intelligence has recently appointed one of its officers called Azam Al-Ahmid who is a Captain in the Palestine Branch number 235 of the SI to recruit, and train the Arabs and send them to Iraq. They erected a camp in Al-Rakah in which they train the insurgents after recruiting them from the Arab and Western countries on all kinds of terrorist activities including the car booby-trapping, assassinations and suicidal attacks. During their concentrated training in the secret camp the insurgents exposed and trained to perform beheadings on animals to be able to do the same thing on people when inside Iraq. They are also responsible to keep links with the various groups inside Iraq.

Syria will never end its support for terrorism in Iraq unless the regime changed and Syria becomes a free and democratic state and denouncing terrorism.

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