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London Bombs: Mistakes pave the way for mistakes

The terrorists in London attacks indicated that they are not just few people hate to see the British involvement of Iraq war, but a well organized and strong groups.

First of all these attacks appeared very well organized at least in its timing and planning. As in our previous articles we said that the terrorist may attack again in London in few days to prove their strength and ability and they did so. Though the second attack resulted in no causalities, a case which was explained by the London experts as luck, but they created a lot of chaos and insecurity which will take long time. However the attacks may even get more organized as we saw that in Iraq.

In Iraq they first used no tactics then they started to use police cars and uniform, booby-trapped belts, ambulances, fire engines, and so on. The same tactic may be used in London or in any other city.

It is wrong to believe that the terrorists do their attacks because of the war in Iraq. Their main attacks happened long time before that. They only need excuses to attract strong support from the Muslims and Arab people. Without such support, of course, they can't recruit suicide bombers neither they can have local and financial support. The other mistake that the Western institutes make is they don't look to their mistakes which resulted in the creation of the terrorists. AL-Qaeda is an American made tool, first, and then it becomes the top enemy. The Wahabists was supported by the British government, later it injects its poison not inside the UK only but everywhere around the glob.

One more mistake is the West forgets that the seed for the London strike was implanted after the Spanish government pulled its troops following the Madrid Raid (Ghazwat Madrid!).

In Iraq it is now when the US pressed to negotiate with the terrorists and asked to give the Wahbists a chance in the political process, the terrorists increased their attacks and more victims killed every day. The daily causalities have been doubled since then. The more one gives them the more they encouraged to kill and terrorize because their success depends on their achievement when you bow to their demands after they terrorize you. Iraq is now fighting terrorism on a large scale on behalf of the whole world and on a daily basis. If the terrorists succeed in Iraq the whole world will be under the thumbs of the terror organization. It is so wrong when the Western media or politicians mentioned terrorism and they forget to mention Iraq. Some very wrongly call the terrorist attacks in Iraq as anti-occupation or resistance, which is NOT.

The other mistake the West created is appeasement of the terrorist groups or their supporters and the best example for these states is France. On the other hand supporting the dictators in the Middle East by the UK and the USA in return for the oil is fatal mistake because the UK and USA support dictators killing and suppressing their people, so what you expect the idea of these people to think towards them. On the same issue is the wrong support of the evil ideology of the Wahabism.

It is extremely wrong to link such terrorism to Islam or Muslims. The most correct thing to do if we want really to crack down terrorism is to alienate the terrorist groups from the Muslims and Islam. Lack of proper education and suppression are two main causes for some ordinary Muslims to be wrong led by the terrorists. The Western media like in the UK looked so stupid these days because they just gave the terrorists what they want. The success that the London terrorists achieved is not by killing 56 people but by what the media gave them by creating a wide gap between the multicultural UK societies which will eventually serving the aim the terrorists want.

Democratization of the Muslim countries and moving away from the post cold war era is the way forward for better world and freedom from terrorism.

The Iraqi blood should not be considered less than the Western blood especially if it is poured by the terrorists. If it is considered so; then this is nothing but, a kind of support for the terrorists, if not a terrorism itself.

The solution is to pull the carpet (the Iraq excuse) from the clumsy feet of the thugs supporters. This can only be done by free, democratic and prosperous Iraq. Once, this is achieved the thugs and their supporters who used Iraq as an excuse may hide their faces in the sand.

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