Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq determination is moving forward

The Iraqis decided not to give up to the terrorism at all. We paid and paying a heavy price. Every single day, some of us are killed or their homes, businesses and belongings destroyed yet we don't look back but forward.

Yes there are terrorists and slow reconstruction due to that but there are advances in the political and reconstruction process. We are determined to make Iraq a model in the Middle East for the democratic and freedom process.

Our determination is obvious and we paid a lot of blood for it and expected to pay even more. Our blood will not go null and void. The more the evil cockroaches tried to hinder us, the more determined we get to make that example of country for the Middle Eastern dictators who tired to prevent us from reaching it.

Democratic process doesn't mean that we all should think in the same way. The next step is due and it is coming soon. The constitution process is nearly finished and the Iraqis are now much more apprehended about their rights and duties than in 2003 and 2004. The Iraqi society is now much more opened to the rest of the world by many ways including the internet after 35 years of imprisonment in a large prison called (Iraq of Saddam). The Iraqi person now able to read and follow any thing he or she like without fear. The worship of one person is gone and Iraq will be sooner or later an example which will be envied by the others in that region.

The Iraqis should rebuild their country and they are able to do so. Of course the help of the United State and other countries like the UK is of great value in that process to be effective.

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