Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Today's terrorist attacks in Iraq

At least 26 Iraqis killed and 70 wounded some in critical conditions in the West of Baghdad by a suicidal terrorist thug with a booby-trapped belt. The group of the Jordanian thug Zarqawi declared responsibility.

The statement by the fucking thugs of the Jordanian Jerboa mentioned that the (rotted) Abo-Abdallah Al-Shemari is the cockroach which carried out the operation to dwell for ever in the Hell and the worst wretchedness.

In Kurkuk, at least 4 civilians were killed and 20 wounded by a booby-trapped car bomb.

In Mosel 3 civilians were killed and others wounded by a booby-trapped car this morning.

In Baghdad terrorists from the Sunni groups belongs to the Wahabi sects attacked a Shiite family in Al-Baladiyat area and killed 9 members from the same family, the children and their mother.

Regarding the London attacks, the Hawza in Najaf which is the main school of spiritual Shiite studies in a statement yesterday condemned the terrorist attacks in London and called for utmost punishment for the perpetrators. In its statement Al-Hawza said that the same terrorists who are attacking the Iraqi civilians every day are the ones who did the London attacks against the innocent people there.

On this time Jordan supported the attacks against the Shiites in Iraq by calling to prevent them from having leadership in Iraq. Ziad Raad Hussein the representative of Jordan in the UN actively trying to push against the Shiites in Iraq on the basis of that all the Arab countries have to be led by Sunni regimes. This man has forgotten that Iraq is not purely Arab country and it contains Kurds, Turkmen, Armenians, and other nationals. He also trying to cover the support that Jordan provides to the Baathist from the previous regime and the terrorists or those who supports them in Jordan.

Jordan regime like all the other Arab states is rooted and its faces need to be changed to be able to comply with the changes in the face of the world.

Abdallah Hussein The King of Jordan

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