Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Where is the Evil Ideology?

The same terrorists in their evil ideology who did London suicidal attacks are the ones who did Al-Mousayab suicidal attack in Iraq last night which killed at least 100 Iraqi civilians and wounded more than 180.

Those who did such attacks are nothing but a cult born from the womb of a devil called the Wahabism and Salafism. They are cult because they have nothing to give but hate and destruction of every thing other than their own alike.

Tony Blair though pointed out to the evil ideology and decided to wipe it out from those who carried it, but he failed to identify this ideology and its womb. Wahabism is the evil ideology that Tony Blair is looking for and he knew the groups working in his own land like Hezbo Al-Tahrer (the Liberation Party) which calls to impose its doctrine on the whole world and the other well know groups which live in the West on the tax payer people payments yet calling to kill the same people who pay them taxes. These groups like Tahrer and others speak with two faces. One face is public and the other hidden secretly in their devilish ideology.

In Al-Mousayab suicidal attack many houses and shops catch in fire from the huge explosion caused by the fuel tank which was parked near a petrol station. A thug from the evil cockroaches exploded his-dirty-self near the tank which led to explosions of the nearby petrol station. This then led to several cars, shops and houses to set in fire and explosions. Some families who trapped inside their homes tried to save their children and themselves by jumping from the windows or roofs. The number of victims may reach more than 150 dead because too many of the wounded are critical. The wounded have to be transferred to several cities including Baghdad due to the large number of the causalities. The aim of the attack was against the Shiite people near one of its warship places at the time of prayer and in this small town which got more than 95% of Shiite population. Al-Qaeda branch of Abo-Mussab Al-Zarqawi declared responsibility and described the attack as (Ghazwat Al-Mousayab) or raid on Musayab. The same name was used by the same thugs during the attack of New York (11/9/2001) by calling it (Ghazwat New York).

On the other hand the involvement of the Syrian regime in the terrorist training and support have been made clear by the confessions of the arrested terrorists in Jordan in the last few days. The twelve terrorists confessed to Jordanian investigators that the terrorists enjoy training, financial support and logistic helps from Syria with the support of the officials there.
The financial support though passed through Syria but mainly comes from Saudi Arabia the womb of the evil ideology, the Wahabi cult.

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