Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

America never killed Bin Laden

First of all there is a well-known fact which is that Osama Bin Laden (OBL) and Taliban were made and supported by America. It is America which helped Taliban to control power in Afghanistan and they created the legend of OBL and Taliban thereafter. The whole issue came to existence after the 9/11/2001 following the enigmatic attacks on the US world trade Centre in New York City. These attacks were very well organized and there are lots of doubts surrounding it. Al-Qaida on the other hand is something effectively did not exist as an operative organization. It was again created by the USA as part of Taliban and OBL. America used these issues to facilitate its policies around the world especially the Islamic world. Everyone knows that the American policies depend on having an enemy and this is what it happened after the USSR disintegration.

OBL had diabetes, renal disease and lung problems with poor health since 2001 and required renal dialysis. There were no signs detected by the CIA and others of his existence at all since December 2001. It was declared that he was dead and buried in one of the mountains in Afghanistan by many sources officials including Pakistan president Musharraf, Afghanistan president Karazi and the FBI and non-officials sources since then. Farther more the death and funeral of OBL was declared by the top Al-Qaeda leaders in 2001 which was published in many media sources. Between 1991 until 2003 America waged war against Iraq which continued until now. The USA want to remain on the region of the Gulf and others around the world and it was not of its interests to declare the death of OBL at that time.

Now and after the failure of the USA to kill or capture OBL they declared that they killed the man. The story is so fabricated and in few days’ time they will bring a new heir after OBL. Of course the heir will be another USA man! The story of OBL killing is so exposed including the fabricated pictures of OBL which appear that he got a young face with black beard and moustache! It was obviously taken from previous picture. The other issue is that why the US forces should killed OBL and not having him alive to get from him lot information etc. There are lots of weaknesses in the story of OBL killing but on the top of these is the discrepancy between US President Obama who said that they will treat OBL body according to the Islamic customs yet it was said that they throw is body in the sea! It seems that those who fabricated the story of OBL killing have got no much experience of how to fabricate. They are new to the job!

In conclusion OBL was dead long time ago and America failed to achieve any goal in Afghanistan apart from more and more dead soldiers. Now the USA wants to change its policies to cover its failure by fabricating such story. In the next few days or months they will have new policies which will show exactly why they chose this time to release this fabricated story and not only for the US election and failures covering but other issues.

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