Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Next Coronavirus recombination and pandemics is around 2027

Irrespective of how the novel coronavirus-19 emerged, we know for sure it started in Wuhan in China.  The main source was said to be from bats with a possible intermediate animal likely the pangolin which is endangered animal used for food and medicine in China.   

An international law regulating the relation to the wild animal is needed to prevent not only illegal use or trafficking but endanger to human health.  

COVID-19 will change the way countries strategies towards their health systems and its readiness for pandemics or disasters.  The risks of death among doctors, nurses and health staff will change how the new generations look to these professions in future.  

If the SARS-CoV-19 resulted from natural recombination it is therefore based on SARS 2003, MERS 2012 and SARS-2 2019, the next pandemics will be around 2027 which will be more sever as the virus will modify itself to become more strong, fatal and fast spreading. 

It is therefore, vaccine is needed and should be obligatory as too the antiviral trials specifically towards coronavirus.  SARS-CoV-19 will be attenuated and herd immunity already developing.  It be here with us but weaker and only cause flu like illness like the H1N1.  The R0 is less than 1 now which means the epidemics is low and will soon regress like any other viral illness, however preventative measure should be observed till vaccine or effective antiviral.    

Lastly, the successful states are those who can manage the pandemic and on the same time maintaining the normal health services of its citizens and economy. 

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