Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iran Violated UN Resolution 598

Iran's attacks on Iraqi bases this morning was a violation of UN resolution 598 which was considered on 25 July 1987 and implemented on 8 August 1988 which ended the 8 years war between Iraq and Iran.   

Important points about this attack:

1. The equation Iran wanted is to kill foreign troops (USA) by attacking Iraqi bases was turned on her by an equation of null and failure effect of its missiles while foreign people (Ukrainian) killed on its soil due to possible mistake missiles on the Ukrainian plane in which 86 people killed. 

2. The attacks proved that the Iran missiles are just failure which means their propaganda about their abilities is void and null

3. The regime lied on its own people by saying it killed 80 solders and hence it will be the end of their attack.   The Iranian people now should question their regime why they lied to them?

4. Iran was the big loser and it lost a lot

5. The UN should warn Iran about its violation of resolution 598 

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