Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Protests in Iraq 

For the third week protests against the corruption and deterioration in services like electricity and water continued all over the south and middle parts including Baghdad.  Thirteen people killed by the Iraqi forces and police as well as the militia of the parties and at least 730 injured.  

This is not the first time such protests occur but it was happening since 2011, however services decline, corruptions, deterioration of economy, absence of any kind of rebuilding, continuity of the same corrupt politicians and decline in all aspects of life such as health are getting worse.   
People had enough and they lost trust in all the politicians who are living in the Green Zone stealing the money and separated themselves in concrete walls from the people.  

The people cannot trust the Iraqi parties in the power so as only 20% of the Iraqis went for election last time and until now the results went into hand counts while same faces and same parties cooking deals of distributing power again with new cycle of corruption between themselves irrespective of the results of these 20%. 

The situation in Iraqi is so bad due to the corrupted governing parties and the whole government as a result of that and no one knows what will happen next but the people will revolt more until there is changes.   The only way to get things moving rightly is to overthrow all parties in power because they are thieves only and no way can be changed.

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