Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Old year leaves; new year comes!

The concept of time exist since the first man existed on Earth.    New year means we are getting older, may be more mature, and it may mean more hopes and wishes for families or tribes or communities or populations.  

The time is one continuous scale of seconds to years including seasons and changes in nature and aspects.  

All people wish the new year may bring to them better luck or better life or more peace and so on.   However these issues are not in the hands of the years and times but in our hands to change it. 

Year leaving and year coming will remain same for the mankind and their wishes and hopes.

Today 2017 is present and tomorrow it is going to be part of the past.   Soon the same thing will happen to the year 2018 and so on until God knows when the human calendar will stop!

We hope and pray for peace, prosperity and brotherhood to all mankind irrespective of their differences what so ever in the 2018! 

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