Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The last battel for the end of Daesh

Two areas remained for Daesh in Iraq near the Syrian border Rawah and Al-Qaem and in Syria one last area opposite to Al-Qaem the city of Al-Bokamal.  

The Iraqi forces lunched their battle to liberate these two area yesterday making swift advances in all directions liberating important strategic airbases and many towns and villages toward the center of both.  

On the same time the Syrian army advances towards Albokamal.   Few days and the end of Daesh will be announced in Iraq and likely in Syria too.  

Daesh controlled more than 40% of Iraqi western cities in 2014.  There are many factors involved in that including internal and external causes.   During the last 3 years the Iraq successes to build its armed forces in addition to the volunteered forces following the Fatwa declared by Ali Alsistani to fight Daesh which was the main cause mobilization both in people and arm forces. 

God bless Iraq

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