Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

President Trump Decision about banning citizens of 7 countries from entry to USA

We all agree that each country including the US has the right to protect its citizens and countries from terrorist attacks.  President Trump got the right to do like any other country want to protect their own national interests and peace.  However, Trump made a lot of mistakes in his order about the ban.

If Mr Trump aim was about terrorism he did a big mistake to ban citizens of a whole country.   Terrorism is not belong to one nation or certain countries.  Terrorism is coming from all over the world including the USA itself as there are many US citizens fight with Daesh and from other European countries.  It is wrong to punish citizens of a country because of some of them are belonging to terrorism.   

The other mistake in case of Iraq, Mr Trump forgot that the Iraqi government signed a mutual pact to fight terrorism with the US before their forces withdrawn in 2011 from Iraq.   Iraq in fact fighting terrorism and their citizens shed huge blood on daily basis in that aim, otherwise Daesh would have been in Baghdad now representing a huge threat regional and international.   The only way Daesh threat vanished is by the blood shed of the Iraqi citizens that Mr Trump banned them in his order.

On the other hand and the other mistake Mr Trump did is that he offer a nice gift to the terrorists as they will use his ban order to achieve sympathy and support and by representing themselves the defender of the rights of the people.  You may understand this or not it is a gift to the terrorists. 

Moreover, Mr Trump took the option of banning all the citizens of certain countries and this option is the choice of the fearful weak and not the brave strong.  No need to explain this further.  Not even less than that Mr Trump is going to isolate himself and America despite its strength from the rest of the world and the refusal of his first orders is so obvious among his allies and the people all over the world including the American citizens.  Soon he will realize that he done a big mistake!

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