Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Muslims are the most affected people by the terrorist attacks

Attacks in Baghdad are daily scenes

There are a lot of doubts surrounding the war against terrorism which leads us to ask the question, who are behind terrorist attacks and what are their real intentions?

If the world is genuine in its war against terrorism, why then they not wage a real war rather than a kind of knee jerks and sort of propaganda following these attacks in the West while ignoring the suffering of the others such as in Iraq?

Real war against terrorism is to prevent it with preemptive measures.  When some one gets an infection should be treated by medicine which get rids of the cause and not to treat the symptoms only.  The same thing applies for the terrorism, by cutting and drying its routes.  This means its ideology, states which enforce it, media that try to legalize or support it, those who arm it, those who finance it, and the areas that incubate it including the war zones.
What the world is doing about terrorism is trying to treat its symptoms while leaving the cause intact.  You cannot dry a bad plant by trimming its top leafs while leaving the route intact and its branches grow all the directions.  This is exactly what happened for the last two decades.   The question is, could those who told the people that they do war against terrorism are in fact playing double standard by supporting the terrorists in one hand and trying to make the others to believe that they fight it with the other hand? 

Islam as a religion is completely against war and from its name it means peace, however as there are fundamentalists and terrorists everywhere in the history of all religions, ideologies, imperialism, occupations, there are such people within the Muslims who do not follow the real peace principle of Islam.  The majority of Muslims are peace loving people and they denies any killing against people who are not in direct war with them.  It is in the Holy Quran that a killing of one soul (any human soul) is as if killing the mankind. 
In fact the Muslims are the main people affected by the terrorists as many example occurring in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Beirut, and other countries.  Daily in Iraq there are many people killed by bombs, explosives, rockets, cars, and gun shootings since 2003.  The Iraqis are fighting the Daiesh (ISIS) groups, which occupied one third of their country since 2014.  Everyone know who created Daiesh (ISIS) and who support them and why? 

Airstrike is not effective way and will not stop the terrorists but will make them more determined to stay and use different means to perpetrate their attacks next.  President Putin declared similar statement lately.  Route drying of the states, media, arms, finance and supports to those who are fighting them on the ground in Iraq and Syria and others are the solution.  The recent UN resolution addressed these issues but on broad terms that left it for interpretations.  A real resolution should specify the effective measures and make it mandatory rather than leaving it for interpretations.  It is weak approach.

In short: the Muslims are the most affected people by the terrorists and not the opposite.  They suffering in their countries between death and refugees and in the West by pointing unfairly and unjustly towards them where most of them are sharing the building and the development of the Western countries include the USA, as positive and active citizens like any one else with peace, tax-paying, businesses, and playing active parts in all kind of services and societies. 

The attacks which happen in the West such as France are nothing but drop in the ocean of the suffering of the Iraqis for the last ten years especially since 2014.  There are daily bloodshed, killing, and Iraqi soldiers killed in their daily fight against the same terrorists groups who did Paris bombs for the last years.

Those who are saying as far as the war is not in our land, away from us in Iraq or Syria we are safe; they are wrong and short-sighted.  The lesson is clear and the right way to get rid of the bite is even more clear but it is up to the whole world to unite and find where and how to end this terrorism.

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