Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Tension in the world damages the prosperity and resources

At least for the last twenty years escalating tension of terrorism happens everywhere with waxing and weaning periods.  Attacks due to this happened almost suddenly and all kinds of measures may not able to prevent them.  There is no one immune even those who support it.  

Until now only conventional ways used in the attacks but that doesn't mean that in future it would not happen to use mass destruction weapons.   These may include biological, chemical and even nuclear weapons.  It may be a matter of time before we see such kinds of attacks.  

Unfortunately the world and despite of the recent attacks since 2001 is not yet united in making active and effective measures to abolish terrors.  In fact quite few states play double standard and yet others support the terrorist groups for their own agenda.  

Now the tension intensified after the last few weeks of spread of attacks.  These attacks never stopped in Baghdad and Syria but it start to get spread and the danger is still looming and increasing.

The solution is not to wait to react because this is what these groups want the others to do.  Simply to react in fear and terror.  The solution is to stop it by using effective measures including against the countries that support it.  

Terrorism have nothing to do with Islam as a religion but it is related to some Muslims who have wrong ideology about all religions.  It can not go parallel with people peace and prosperity.  The more terrorism exist the more it threaten the world peace and the less development and prosperity for mankind.  

To have good life all people need to live in peace and harmony which leads to progression and development.  Anything opposite to that will lead to decline in the quality of life for everyone but the few who feed the terrorist groups with weapons and dumb their garbage in them!

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