Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Paris attacks is the beginning if the western support for Daiesh continued

We condemn the attacks on the French Capital Paris and consider this as an act of terrorism and crimes against innocent citizens who showed no act of war against anyone. 

It is wrong to kill innocent citizens not only in Paris but also anywhere in the world. 

Not only the killing considered as an act of barbarism and terrorism but also to support those who are perpetrating such action is an act similar to their crime if not more.

Daiesh is not an Islamic State and they are no way representing Islam but themselves and the countries and organizations supporting them. 

Daiesh was created and supported by the West and the US including the French government that provided them with support against the regime of Syria for political and regional agenda.  

Thousands of innocent citizens as a result of that were killed in Syria in addition to the destruction of the country rendering its own citizens refugees or waiting their fate to die.  Similar things are happening in Iraq and other countries such as Yemen and recently 
in Lebanon. 

These attacks could have been worse if WMD were used.   Large-scale attacks are not far anywhere as far as there are countries providing the terrorists with all kind of supports.  It is only a matter of time to see where it is going to happen next with much larger scale that may be very dangerous.

The only solution is to find a political solution in Syria and the whole world should unite together to end Daesh (ISIS) or the (non-IS) both in Syria and Iraq.  Not only that but to end the war in 
Yemen and Libya as the terrorist groups will get sanctuary in the areas of war and conflicts. 

The Air strikes though good but not enough and it is nothing but propaganda for the government who failed to find solution on the ground. 

We are not supporting any dictatorship regime but cooperation with the Syrian regime for political solution and to end the war is very important and more important than the air strikes to put an end as soon as possible to the war before much larger attacks happen in Paris again or in other cities and no one immune at all. 

Prepare for the worst or end the sources of terrorism soon!

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