Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Russian airplane crashed by a bomb

Russia security services declared that the cause of the crash of its Airbus airplane and the death of all passengers (224 people) was due to an improvised bomb. 

It is therefore proved that Daiesh (ISIS) is the cause, however it is yet to clarify how it happened and if there is any link with the airport security in Sharm-el-skeikh airport.

The world is heading towards huge disaster bigger than the 11/9 in NY and than any other threat. 

President Putin already used iron fist against the terrorists and the world IS looking to see what he is going to do in response to the attacked civilian airplane. 

In fact the previous events in the last few months indicating clearly that the international action against the terrorism has failed.   This is due to many factors one of them is the failure of the administrative and strategic plans of the US government under president Barak Obama. 

There should be a quick and clear plan to stop the war in Syria and to eliminate Daiesh from that region include Iraq. 

Instability in Middle East will make easy sanctuaries for the terrorists who will threat the whole world.   

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